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Stainless Steel Flagpole Factory--Yaolong Pole Project In Abu Dhabi

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:09/07/2018

Yaolong Pole, as one of the Aluminum Light Pole Manufacturers in China, owning an Aluminum Light Pole Factory in Foshan, specialized in aluminum street light pole and aluminum garden light pole for decades, would like to be the best choice for you to find among the best aluminum pole manufacturers.


With strong company strength and 20 years of professionalism, Yaolong has taken over the stainless steel flagpoles, light poles, and bollards of Abu Dhabi new international airport.


Abu Dhabi New International Airport

ONE of the world's largest airport terminals is currently under construction in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While the existing Abu Dhabi International Airport handles around 26 million passengers each year, the new "Midfield Terminal Building" will increase the airport's capacity by an additional 30 million travelers annually. The expansion is intended to position Abu Dhabi as a competitive regional hub in the Arabian Gulf - on par with Dubai and Doha.

Abu Dhabi New International Airport pole



The stainless steel flagpole is designed by French designers. They pay special attention to the beauty and it is different from ordinary vertical flagpoles. The flagpoles are inclined and at an angle to the ground level.


The normal 15m stainless steel flagpole shaft is only 4mm thick, but this airport tall flagpole thickness is 12mm thick. The bending difficulty is very much. We adjusted the mold with 20 years of stainless steel pole and aluminum flagpole production experience. Finally, the flagpole came out to be completely round, this is fantastic.


Commercial flagpole weight is more than 1000kgs, and the shaft material is marine grade stainless steel 316L, which has excellent corrosion resistance. The design engineer required that the shaft is not worn to the bottom of the flange and that the reinforced fins were quite small. Such a heavy large flagpole is to ensure its safety and stability. This is also a huge challenge to the welding technology. Under the efforts of our welders with more than 20 years of welding experience, the welding of the flagpole has passed the ultrasonic inspection.



We are very grateful to our customers for their support and trust so that our flagpole and aluminum light pole products can be seen by many people at the international airport. Chinese manufacturing is getting better and better, and it will be comparable to European manufacturing in the near future.YAOLONG not only is professional in manufacturing stainless steel flagpoles and light poles, but we also focus on producing aluminum alloy light poles and flagpoles. Adhering to Yaolong aluminum pole light factory - the mission of making China more respected, YAOLONG products use the quality to make a sound to the world.



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