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Yaolong Reading Club

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:07/30/2019

Internet and digital technology bring great convenience to reading, and bring an unprecedented reading experience: readers can access the materials easily and cheaply (even free), and can receive and store information in large quantities; People can take advantage of various gaps for short reading anytime, anywhere and so on. The development of the Internet has brought people a new way of reading, and opened many channels for people to read. In addition, with the popularity of WeChat, Weibo and other self-media, the scope of reading has been greatly expanded, and it has become more routine and civilian, greatly intensifying the communication  between the social groups, especially the acquaintance circle.


However, the Internet is like a double-edged sword, which brings convenience and comfort to people, and it will have some adverse effects on people's lives and all aspects.


Many people are now over-reliant on the Internet. "Low-headed" (phubber) means that in the subway and bus, all of them are "seeing the screen", some look at the mobile phone, some pull out the tablet or laptop to go online, play games, watch videos, and want to pass the screen. , the person who fills up the piecemeal time.


Because spending a lot of time on the Internet every day, we are not likely to concentrate on reading a book for a long time, when working, amusement or commuting to and from work, it is common to turn on the computer or mobile phone at regular intervals to see if there is new information. It is easy for everyone to become absent-minded and not focused. If memory is completely dependent on the Internet, memory may become technical, and biological memory becomes physical memory. How does this affect human feelings, personality, and thinking? Others say that I can use mobile phones or other communication tools to read every day. Absolutely, they are reading, but the memory brought by this reading method is fragmented and transient, and people are often subjected to various novel news. Or short newfangled videos  rather than the value of practical article. It is really convenient to find information online, but the information on the Internet is often mixed, not necessarily reliable.Have you ever thought that When everyone relies on the Internet to find information instead of thinking about it, what is the end result?


Since its foundation, Yaolong Flagpole Company has been paying attention to the construction and development of corporate culture. In order to carry out the construction of enterprise culture smoothly, it requires a series of carefully planned activities. These activities are best engaged by employees, experience, and quality of employees. Activities such as corporate cohesion, corporate core competitiveness enhancement and brand communication are beneficial. In the many corporate culture activities, the corporate reading club is a measure that is profitable and harmless.


Yaolong flagpole company always attaches importance to holding a reading club.On the one hand to improve the cultural quality of employees, encourage employees to put down their mobile phones, rediscover the fun of reading, on the other hand, it also serve everyone a platform and learning scene for communication. In the big family of Yaolong, we learn together and make progress together. Next,let us review the reading session of one of them. Our reading club is divided into three parts. First, let our host introduce the rules of the book club, and then divide into five groups to work together. Then, we will carry out our big assessment session. In order to check whether every employee has carefully read the book, the host will ask questions from the five groups, randomly extract the questions in the book, ten points for a correct answer and ten points for a wrong answer.


The second part is the feedback session. Each group proposes three to five points of recommendations from the books we read, suitable for corporate culture building or team development. This proposal revolves around why we should do this. For example, in order to improve the staff's thinking ability, it is recommended that the company hold a speech contest. The person responsible for checking whether the proposal has been implemented is the general manager. If the event is held regularly, the reward organizer is 100 Yuan, if not, punish a book. In this part, we usually set aside 30 minutes to discuss, so that employees can have enough time to think and discuss.


The third link is the suggestion sharing session. Each group sends a member to share the suggestions that have been summarized just now. The sharing process not only examines the logical expression ability of the employees, but also depends on whether these suggestions are really good for everyone's development. So this requires us to be familiar with our books. There must be group competition as well as group cooperation. After the five groups are shared in turn, the five leaders will score the performance of each group. The Champion Group awards a $200 study vouchers and free access to books to be watched next month.


At the moment of the rapid development of the mobile Internet, there are less chances or times for everyone to calm down and read a book , so the rapid development of the reading club is also adapted to the characteristics of this era. Yaolong flagpole company called on everyone to put down their mobile phones and enjoy the reading.

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