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The New Project Of Wind Motor Controlled Electric Flag Pole For Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:08/13/2019

On July 5, 2019, Yaolong Flagpole Company added a new partner, Shenzhen International Exhibition Center project team. This time, Yaolong provided 100pcs stainless steel wind motor controlled flagpoles for Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The subjects was successfully shipped to the destination. These high-quality wind motor controlled electric flag poles have won numerous awards and recognitions, as they provide customers with energy savings, efficiency product and perfect after-sales service,and efficient installation team. Made of high quality marine grade stainless steel 316l, this flagpole is 20 meters high with a 4mm wall thick. It is equipped with an electric-operated winch device and a wind-drive system. At present, some flagpoles have been successfully installed on site. Let us first look at the wind-moving flagpoles that have been installed on outside the Expo Center .They have freely fly in the room. So,How can the flag float when there is no wind in the room? Why is it called wind motor controlled flagpole?  The following Yaolong flagpole company will give you a detailed explanation of the characteristics and advantages of the wind-driven electric flag pole.


In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, Yaolong Flagpole Company has been committed to research and development of new products. Yaolong Flagpole Company is the first flagpole company in China to independently develop servo motors. The servo motor can control the speed and position accuracy is very accurate. The voltage signal is converted to torque and speed to drive the control object. The servo motor rotor speed is controlled by the input signal and can be quickly reacted. It is used as an actuator in the automatic control system, and has the characteristics of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity, and starting voltage, which can receive the received electrical signal. Converted to an angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. Divided into two major categories of DC and AC servo motor, its main feature is that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no rotation phenomenon, and the rotation speed decreases uniformly with the increase of torque. This type of motor is usually used in the electric winch as an electric flagpole and a wind motor controlled flagpole.


The wind motor controlled electric flag pole is also a product that Yaolong has developed since 2008. It has accumulated more than fifteen years of production experience and export experience. The cooperation projects include the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Shenzhen Universiade, Qatar Museum, Abu Dhabi New International Airport, the latest project, the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center and so on.



The flagpoles used today are generally raised by manual or electric devices. If there is no wind, the flags cannot be unfolded, especially in the case of major events or indoor use, if the flag falls on the flagpole, it looks It is neither beautiful nor affects the solemn atmosphere of the flag-raising at the time. The invention of the wind motor controlled flag pole solves the problem of this series of shackles. Even if there is no wind, the flagpole can make its flag float. The wind motor controlled flag pole has a simple structure, which is equivalent to an electric flag pole plus a wind drive system. The improvement of the flagpole of the flag can artificially control the flying of the flag without being affected by natural weather. This kind of flagpole that can make the flag fly windless, it not only has the hanging function, but also makes the hanging flag fluttering.


How to produce the wind drive flagpole? How does it work? The wind-drive system  comprises a flagpole and a fixed flagpole base blower device, where in the flagpole base has a pile foundation, and the underside and the top of the pile foundation are respectively provided with links, the inner diameter of the flagpole is matched with the bearing, and the pile foundation is hollow. The hollow portion communicates with the hollow portion inside the flagpole. The principle is as follows: the outlet of the bottom of the flagpole made of sealed pipe is connected with the outlet of the air compressor, and on the side of the flagpole or on the upper side of the flagpole, there are 2~20 outlet holes or a long outlet slit. To put it simply, it is to ventilate the hollow flagpole and direct the airflow from the air outlet to blow the flag. It is especially suitable for indoor gymnasiums, indoor venues, large-scale sports events, and important awards events.


Today,The YAOLONG Flagpole manufacturers is the first leader in China flag poles sales. As a century-old enterprise in the future, The company has "integrity management, people-oriented " for the purpose, as always, providing high-quality flag series products at the best ex-factory price. This level of commitment to quality permeates every aspect of our business.We sincerely treat every customer who come to inquiry ,resellers  distributors, and potential customers.Find out more about us, about our highly-experienced team, or browse our range of products and services.


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