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Why Choose Stainless Steel Bollard ?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:10/18/2019

Stainless steel bollards are an important part of the urban landscape before  they began making the news as protection againstvehicle attacks. The useful small poststand in front of storefronts, utility meters, playgrounds and sidewalks without slowing down the flow of people, bicycles, strollers or wheelchairs. Safety bollards are usually made of stainless steel pipe and filled with concrete. These must be sealed to prevent corrosion. Painting or powder coating of stainless steel pipes is an option. For maintenance and aesthetics, another option is to have the column with a lining and provide a variety of attractive colors and styles.



Near the parking lot and Public areas, the stainless steel bollards are usually in high-visibility colors and are enhanced by reflective decals or tape. These simple solutions are available in a variety of colors and can be optionally integrated into the architecture. For example, you can choose a bollard that depicts the shopping center and storefront parking to match the wall paint or share the same color as the trash can or fixture. In these areas, the effectiveness of the position is the most important factor.

However, as safety bollardsbecome a common part of urban and natural landscapes and around destination aesthetic,the aesthetic style of safety bollardis very important. Security stainless steel bollardsshould not give the impression of living in a bunker. Instead, they can provide unobtrusive enhancements to the security perimeterthat guide and protect.


stainless steel bollard cover

Stainless steel bollardcover

Stainless steel is a durable, aesthetically pleasing material that retains its luster even after exposure to the elements for many years. There are two main grades: 304 and 316 stainless steel. 316 is a high-quality option that is corrosion resistant even in winter climates where it is subject to de-icing chemicals or in the sea-salt spray of a marine environment.

Stainless steel is usually machined into a simple, sleekshape. The resulting simple contours and understated shine of the material complement many of the current architectural styles. Whether it's a structure made of sparkling steel and glass, or placed around a flowing Modernist building made of concrete, the stainless steel bollard cover can blend into or enhance their environment.

New options for each location

The bollard cover should be easy to install and come in a variety of sizes, as concrete and steel safety tubes vary in diameter and height and many may be needed for a large site. Select the appropriate bollard size based on volume, speed and variety of trafficnear the protected area. Parking lots and public areasare typically protected by a 900-1000mmpipe, while a bollard that separates fast-moving vehicle traffic from pedestrians may be 100-1500mm. Now available in three diameters and two height stainless steel pillar caps.

For some designers, the function and form of a stainless steel bollardsleeve may be recommended, but the soft silver ofthe brushed surface is less than ideal. Stainless steel bollards can be powder coated in several colors.




The first impression of an organization or business is delivered through its curb appeal. Bollards are often part of that curb!

When these little post are chosen to improve their environment, they can provide security without creating anxiety. Sleek, modern stainless steel bollard are an option for organizations and site planners to consider enhancing and protecting their safety stations.



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