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What Kind Of Safety Bollards Can Meet Your Requirements?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:09/24/2019

Safety bollards are an excellent way to protect buildings or clearly define boundaries. However, these types of bollards come in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes, so how do you choose the right bollards to meet your needs?


Some preliminary factors need to be considered

Before you seriously consider installing stainless steel bollards in your location, it is necessary to do some research first.Bollards are an affordable and versatile way to deal with many issues such as access restrictions, parking solutions, calming traffic and providing physical barriers.Yaolong stainless steel bollard supplier provided retractable, removable,fixed and collapsible bollards to choose according to your project and application .

Each area or individual building location has several common risk factors that you need to consider when installing safety bollards.Impact protection is the primary consideration;An effective safety barrier can regulate traffic and make it easier for tourists to travel, and it also can protect pedestrians' personal safety.Strategic bollards can play a key role in traffic management.


Assess your security requirements

Each site has a different level of security requirements, to amply knowing requirements can choose the right security bollards.Set up security bollards to provide physical and psychological deterrence against unauthorized attempts to enter the area.It is important to assess potential threats and identify vulnerable areas to protect.Here are four traffic-related threats you need to consider.

1.Existing risk factors

An errant or deliberately driven vehicle can cause extensive damage to a building.

Residents and pedestrians can also suffer serious injuries.

Therefore, it is important to consider the surrounding traffic environment and how this may affect the buildings and people in the area.

Major threats need to be considered when planning the deployment of security bollards.


2.Traffic frequency and speed

If the site is bordered by or in a high-traffic area , the likelihood related traffic accidents will increase.

The situation would be more dangerous if higher speeds were involved.

Driving at a high speed reduces the driver's reaction time, impaired braking function, and increased injury potential.


3.Vehicle access and road considerations

How close is the vehicle to sensitive areas or other buildings?

Access to traffic and the proximity to areas, such as parking lots, on site roads and public streets, is undoubtedly a security concern.

It is also important to understand how people move through the site and how they move through and around the building.

Is there a long distance between the entertainment areas?

Are vehicles allowed to speed up when approaching an entrance or pedestrian area?


4.Vehicle-related crime and terrorism

Not all threats are related to potential car crashes;

There may also be vehicle-related offences to consider.

Vehicle theft and vehicle-based terrorism are a real problem that many property managers need to guard against.

These types of accidents are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and building occupants alike.

Police stations, government buildings, schools and hospitals have all been tempting targets in history.

Creating a strong perimeter with security bollards will help prevent and mitigate the damage.

If you are looking for a security bollards supplier with a good record, contact the yalong stainless steel bollard supplier.

We can supply a variety of high quality equipment, including safety bollards, and we look forward to discussing your specific requirements in more detail.



 The function of safety bollards

1.Restrict Access

In many commercial places, there is usually a lack of parking space, and this kind of public area may also have the phenomenon of users parking randomly and others taking your parking space, In the Shared parking space,reserving or assigning parking Spaces for your friends or customers can be a real challenge.

Stainless Steel bollards can be used to restrict access to parking areas and prevent others from occupying your parking space.

Stainless Steel removable bollards may be installed at the entrance or in front of each parking space.

Fold up when you need to enter, and fold and lock into place to protect the space when not in use.

2:To protect pedestrians

If your business is located on or near a busy private road, you may be concerned

 vehicular damaged in that location, and the vehicles you're shuttling through on foot could pose a threat to your personal safety.

However, there are also employees and customers who are concerned that walking between the office and the parking lot and the traffic could pose a threat to personal safety.

Install a row of stainless steel bollards can protect vulnerable access points and walkways from a vehicle that could mount the pavement.

If you are looking for stainless steel bollards, contact the yalong stainless steel bollard supplier for expert help and advice.



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