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What Kind Of Light Poles Do Canadian Customers Like?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:11/21/2019

4M aluminum round straight light pole,a simple but practical design.We customized the company card for clients and install on the light poles.This series of aluminum light pole is available in height of 3 meter to 6 meter and normally used in garden ,park,walkway,and entrance .The pole may be specified with a single tenon mount for pole top mounting or side drilled pattern,or can be installed luminaire directly,which is fixed by bolts.



10 ft Light pole is made of 105*3.0 aluminum 6063-T6 tubes ,a light but strong material could match stainless steel and it will never get rust. After satin brushed treatment,fluent and beautiful lines came to the surface of poles.Then we use laser cutting robot hand machine to cut the handhole ,

This laser cutting machine can increase the cutting speed to 25 seconds each,a leading level in the world.The gap between the door plate and hatch is less than 0.5mm.After deburring,the edge is smooth,it will not hurt your hand.Then the base plate will be welded,we call the welding line“fish scale”because it just look like the surface of fish.Our workers have over 20 years experience for welding.




Final step is anodizing.We have 15m long anodizing pools,to support 10-20 pcs aluminum light poles anodized together.

It will provided extra protection of the surface of aluminum light poles,  strengthen its anti-rusted function,and make the surface more smooth.  

Concerning the package,we use four layers package including poly bag,bubble bag and PE sheet.Outside package is crash-worthy carton.It is a new material we use to pack the light poles,an extra protection for the products during transportation.



Besides,we use wooden pallet to load the light poles.Use iron bar to tied up them.With this method client could discharge the goods conveniently by forklift.




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