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What Is Light Pole Vibration?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:11/06/2019

There are a number of considerations when installing outdoor area road light pole. One of the main factors is which type of poleis used. At the beginning of the selection of the pole, emphasis can be placed on aesthetic requirements (color, shape and height), load limits (fixtures, brackets and total EPA) and environmental factors (wind zones/positions and other field conditions).


These environmental factors are key points because the wind can cause severe damage to the vibration of stainless steel and aluminum poles. Although somestainless steel lightpoles and aluminum light poles are designed to cope with these phenomena, under ideal conditions, the vibration of the wind can cause a properly structured pole to fail.

Light pole vibration problems are caused by environmental factors that vary by geography. They do not result from improper materials and/or poor manufacturing processes. If you have concerns about light pole vibration for a specific project you are working on, please contactyaolong light pole manufacturer customer support.

There are two common types of vibration - first mode vibration and second mode vibration. The first mode of vibration is generated by high velocity gusts, which can causethe top of the pole to appear to sway in the wind. Ultimately, the first mode vibration effect tends to be minimal because thestainless steellamp post and aluminum light pole is designed to be movable and curved to withstand such levels of vibration.


The second mode of vibration, also known as wind vibration, is more destructive to the light pole. Wind speed vibration is caused by low speed, high frequency and stable wind in the range of 5-35 mph. The vibration originates from the eddy current formed on the back of the structure as it passes through the light pole. This causes high frequency, short period harmonic reactions, and the stress on the poles is concentrated in the middle of the device.  When the top fixture swings, it is easy to see the vibration of the first mode, and the click from the light pole can hear the vibration of the second mode. Sustained damage from wind and sand vibration can cause cracking, corrosion or rupture of the lamp/lamp.

In view of the sandstorm vibration problem detailed above, many people are curious about what causes this perfect storm. There are no documented methods of predicting the occurrence of Aeolian vibration, but certain conditions increase the likelihood of its occurrence. Geographic location is a prominent factor ,as poles in open areas with little to no buildings, trees, etc are particularly susceptible.

In terms of the type of lamp post, the straight square aluminum light polehas an angular and flat surface and is most susceptible to wind and sand vibration. At the same time, in this respect, the conical steel rod is better because the circular shape allows the wind to bypass the rod. The combination of materials, that is, the combination of aluminum and steel can exacerbate fatigue, so no matter which method you choose, it is best to choose only one type of material.


We recommend vibration dampeners be used when

(1) light poles are being installed on a parking ramp, deck, bridge, pier, airport, train or subway hub/terminal or known problem area,

(2) a load of 0.75 EPA or smaller is going on the light poles and

(3) light poles are being used as camera supports and/or will have non-standard appendages attached to them.



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