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The Reason To Install Fixed Bollard And Removable Bollard

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:09/09/2019

Every year in the world, about a hundred thousand cars hit bus stops, offices, shopping malls, restaurants and other stores. In the past few years, there have been more and more incidents of vehicle crashes. Although the situation is different, the numbers are shocking.

Bollard is a simple, practical and cost-effective way to protect pedestrians, cyclists, property and other vehicles from intentional or accidental accidents. They provide visual clues to drivers and pedestrians, direct traffic and raise awareness. They also provide a protective physical barrier when needed .



In this article, we will take a look at four great reasons that you may want to install bollards as part of your safety strategy.


Fixed bollard

Although fixed bollards cannot be lifted or moved, they are most suitable for long-term vehicle control around the square. In some commercial squares, it is necessary to stop the vehicles but not to hinder the pedestrians. The fixed bollard not only meet such needs but also increase the connection between the square and the surrounding environment. The stainless steel bollard and spacing layout of the column shape are visually intact to preserve the openness of the square.



installation way

The stainless steel fixed bollard are divided into bolt down and surface-mount installations: the bolt down fixed bollard will have an extension of more than 100 mm left in the ground, so that the fixed bollard installed in the ground are stronger and the impact resistance is slightly better. The stainless steel fixed bollards installed on the surface have no underground extensions and are directly fixed to the ground with attachments. It is more suitable to use such fixed bollard when the ground has been poured and laid. The attachments used in the installation of fixed bollards are all made of stainless steel, so as to avoid rusting of the attachments and causing the piles to shift or dump.


Aesthetic design

There are many types of cylinders for fixed road piles: round, square, cone, triangle, trapezoid, olive, etc.. These different shapes of road piles are used to match the style of the building. Can be combined. Some large road pile manufacturers usually have very rich colors, and these color processing techniques are also very sophisticated, they can make the road piles color while still maintaining a clear visible stainless steel texture, and these colors are very strong in application. It won't fall off due to scratching, and it is illusory that these stainless steels are essentially colored. The calm and restrained black, luxurious and precious gold, noble and timeless stainless steel, and the quaint and mysterious bronze are usually good choices. If the company has exclusive colors, yellow, blue, brown, etc., we have six surface options, you can also provide a color number or color card.




Fixed bollards are used in a wide range of applications: schools, commercial streets, banks, factories, newspapers, institutions,bus station... and fixed bollards can also be used in conjunction with manual bollards, semi-automatic bollards, and fully automatic bollard. There are a variety of top types for fixed road piles, including semi-dome, flat top, slope top, and round top. Each has a different size and size.


Removable bollard

The removable bollards is a simple and effective traffic management facility ,with a lock cylinder inside, can be opened when needed, the stainless steel fust can be lifted and moved at any suitable location, and the floor panel locking hole dust plug is automatically reset. The vehicle can pass, and resetting the bollard can prevent other users from occupying their own parking spaces. Another feature of the lockable bollard is that it can be installed in front of the garage, parking lot, airport or in other important occasions to protect and avoid violent damage.

The upper end of the removable bollard has a small ring, and the user can add various color chains according to his own needs, which can better serve as a warning and protection function. At the same time, the small ring design of the lockable bollard also makes the movement of the staff easier and easier, especially for managing channels that are not frequently opened in public and private areas.



When the removable bollard is installed and fixed on the parking space, it can protect the parking space and prevent other vehicles from being occupied. The user-friendly design does not affect the entry and exit of vehicles, which provides great convenience for owners, properties and parking lots. Yaolong offers different types of removable bollard, with padlocked removable bollards and internal locking removable bollard.


our lockable removable bollards combine the convenience of quick installation and removal with the security of heavy-duty construction. The steel construction* and internal, concealed locking mechanism guarantees the utmost in durable, sturdy security without sacrificing the convenience of a removable bollard. Your ability to quickly install and remove these bollards makes them perfect for emergency vehicle admittance and authorized users. Available in a different widths and weights, each including our patented internal deadbolt locking system, these heavy duty bollards provide varying levels of security depending on your needs. Find more information on our removable bollard ,you can browse our bollard catalog!

lockable removable bollard




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