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The Origin And Development of Garden Light Pole

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:07/23/2019

For modern people, garden light pole should be a very common type of luminaire. So how much do you know about its origin and future development? When it comes to the origin of garden light pole, let us first look at the use of lamps, garden light pole are derived from lamps, the use of lamps can be traced back to 70,000 BC , there were no metal lamps at that time, so the ancestors used stones and shells instead. The main fuel is the animal's fat, which is also the symbol of the first lamp. The latter, the fuel is slowly evolved into using vegetable oil. With the changes of the times, the innovation and transformation of lamps, many unique and innovative lamps have emerged. The lamps are not only the role of lighting, but also have become works of art.


Garden lamp post is the product of the development of the times. Nowadays, we can see all kinds of garden lamp post everywhere in the urban community or square. It brings us not only the lighting, but also adds new colors to the whole city and improves the overall beauty of . So what will it develop in the future?


For the future development of garden lamp post, it must be transformed into high-tech, energy-saving and environmental protection.


The lighting of the city reflects not only the image of a city, but also the scientific management of the entire city. Then the garden light pole will also face a reform and innovation. In terms of materials, the former garden light poles are mostly made of wood and iron materials. The garden lamp post of these two materials are easily deteriorated by rain, dust and molecules in the air, and the use period is short. In the last several years, aluminum and stainless steel have gradually replaced the poles of wood and iron materials and have become the most commonly used material in the streetlight industry.


Solar garden lights have obvious advantages in energy saving, and they can be controlled by humanities. In recent years, they have also been welcomed by everyone. The solar garden lamp has an environmental protection function without breaking the environment. At the same time, it does not occupy non-renewable resources. It only needs to be used normally in a place with sufficient light source, and it has the most development potential in the future market.


Then the solar garden lights will also develop towards more efficient energy-saving in the future. More solar garden lights will be replaced by LED lamps. Compared with energy-saving lamps, they have obvious advantages, and they are better in environmental protection and energy saving. More solar garden lights will be used on public facilities to become a landscape of the city.


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