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The Development History of The Flagpole

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:07/23/2019

The national flag is a symbol of the country and a symbol and honor in the city, which represents the establishment and development of a country. And the flag pole is an important carrier that supports the flag waving. His relationship with the national flag is inseparable and has the same historical memories. But what did the earliest flagpole look like? What made it? Today ,Yaolong flagpole company and everyone recall the development history of the flagpole.


The development history of the flagpole can be divided into four stages.


First generation: ancient wooden flagpole
In ancient times, some group tribes often set up a wooden pole in the center of the tribe in order to divide and highlight their own territory. In the feudal society, some bureaucrats will set up a flagpole in front of their houses to represent the prosper  and their outstanding status. It is said that the farther away from the gate of the flagpole is, the larger the official position is. The provincial graduate (a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level ) can only stand the flagpole on the heel of the wall on both sides of the gate. After the scholars were promoted, they returned to their hometown to worship ancestors, then built new houses. The excellent scholars will set up the flagpoles at the door to show glory. Later, when it came to marching to fight, there would be a special flag-bearer, holding the flag on both sides of the general. However, the wooden flagpoles are prone to decay, the use period is short, and it is easy to be blown down by the wind. With the evolution of the times and the progress of human civilization, this wooden flagpole has been gradually eliminated, and iron flagpoles have begun to rise.


The second generation: iron flagpole to variable diameter flagpole
The disadvantage of the iron flagpole is that it is easy to rust and break by gale, affecting the overall appearance. The second generation of iron flagpoles was also quickly replaced by stainless steel flagpoles. At present, the use of stainless steel flag pole has been widely used, and stainless steel flagpoles can be seen in many places.


So what did the original stainless steel flagpole look like?The first use of stainless steel flag pole is the most commonly variable diameter flagpole, it is welded from three different sizes of round tubes. There are three kinds of commonly used reducer tubes: 101mm-89mm-76mm, 89mm-76mm-69mm, 76mm-63mm - 50mm, grinding and polishing the three-section tube after welding.Due to the overall appearance is not beautiful, the welding mouth is uneven . Nowadays,there are less people willing to buy this kind of flagpole.


The third generation: stainless steel tapered flagpole, aluminum flagpole.
The stainless steel tapered flagpole is made of high quality stainless steel 304/316L or aluminum 6063-t6.The pole shaft is formed once, with uniform taper shape, and there is no welding point, which greatly improves the overall appearance of the flagpole, and the wind resistance reaches the tenth level . The stainless steel tapered flag pole uses the latest flag top base plate device, which help flag can be rotated 360 degrees to prevent the flag from being wrapped around the flagpole. The flag rope is made of high-quality stainless steel wire, which is not easy to corrode or rust.


Moreover,the flag rope can be hidden inside the flagpole, which not only can better ensure the durability of the rope, but also solve the problem of theft and vandalism. Stainless steel flagpoles are widely used in enterprises, schools and military units. Compared with the stainless steel variable diameter flagpole, the second generation of stainless steel flag pole has been greatly improved in all aspects. The flag can be rotated with the wind, without worrying that the flag is blown onto the flagpole.


Aluminum alloy flagpoles are also one of the most commonly used flagpoles. So what are the advantages of aluminum alloy flagpoles?
1. Good anti-corrosion performance, maintenance-free. Aluminum flagpole will not rust, it has good corrosion resistance, especially suitable for coastal cities.
2. The aluminum flag pole has a rich surface treatment method and a stronger metal texture.
4. It can be 100% recycled, and has low melting temperature, low power consumption, control of CO2 emissions, and actively responds to the government's call for energy conservation and emission reduction.
5. Light weight, convenient for transportation and installation.


The fourth generation:electric flagpole
The stainless steel electric flag pole widely used on the market is not only convenient to use but also beautiful in appearance. The electric flag pole is a metal pole that electrically raise or lowing the flag by remote controlled . The control system uses a stepping motor for the transmission and the controller to work together to raise and lower the flag. The electric flagpole can realize the “group rise and fall” of all flags in operation, which can better control the operation of the flag. Nowadays, the application of the electric flagpole is more extensive, and more enterprises, institutions, schools and company groups choose to use the electric flagpole. The electric flagpole is controlled by the motor and the remote control , the flagpole will be equipped with a loudspeaker to played the music, and the national anthem will be played automatically when the flag is raised, which is even more solemn.


Manual operating system: When the electric flagpole loses power, the user can open the access door with the key and manually raise the flag or lower the flag with the winch handle. The electric flagpole is composed of tapered flag pole plus a motor and a controller. Since the lifting controllers of the electric flagpoles are all placed inside the flagpole, when the electric flagpole is customized, the lower diameter of the flagpole is generally 210mm or more.



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