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The Comparison Of Different Types Of Bollard

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:09/09/2019

In terms of pedestrian safety, city planners and architects can use many different types of bollards to protect people and public property from vehicle intrusion. In daily life, we can see many bright color stainless steel bollards arranged in many street corners and parking lots - but not every bollard must look like a neon tube as a traffic guide or crash barrier.Sometimes, they come in many different shapes and style to complement its surroundings. Below, Yaolong stainless steel Bollard Suppliers share our common road piles in daily life.


Concrete bollard

 Concrete bollardsare usually movable bollardsand also large and heavy objects, which are usually made of stone or concrete.They rely on theirownweight rather than their structural anchoring to remain in place. They are designed to rarely moveand onlycan be movedbyheavy machinery such as forklifts. Itcan provideimpact protection while don’tdistract landscapes and architectural styles. With reinforced rebars, exceptional strength, ability of being madein a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, concrete pegs can be used in any permanent bollard application.


When on smooth concrete surfaces, Small air voids or "worm eyes" will seem more obvious, which determinesitsapplication, this is one ofa disadvantage. The void can be removed by additional concrete removal, but this can be an expensive process. Mild sand blasting is often used to help to producea more uniform and smooth appearanceand reducechangesofthe color and texture of the cementin a large extent. But it also can make voids and other defects more visible. Heavier sand blasting will result in exposed aggregates, so it is important to consider the required finish to determine the desired level of blasting.



Concrete itself has excellent compressive strength butitis weak in tensile and shear strength, whichmeans it will be very easyto crack- especially in theheavily affected situation for a long time

Stainless steel bollard

Stainless steel metal can create a cleanand polished appearance that is greatly resistant to corrosion. This materialis also easy to attach the powder coatings, so you can match the bollards to the color scheme of commercial buildings.

  1. Aesthetic Reasons

Bollards can be used for aesthetic reasons. While many of us think of bollards as a purely practical item, they can actually complement landscaping designs and construction. The placement of bollards can be used to create flow through landscaping or accentuate the curve and shape of pathways and plant beds. Even if there is no need to limit access, the bollards can make an excellent aesthetic feature of the overall design.

stainless steel bollard in satin brushed finished


Protect pedestrians

If your company is located ina busy private roador nearby, you may be concerned about the location where your car is parked and will get possible damage. However, there are also employees and customers who are worried about walkingdistancebetween your business or parking lot. In this condition, arow of steel bollards can be installed to protect vulnerable access points and sidewalks so that sidewalks can be installed.

If you would like further details about the numerous uses for steel bollards, please contact Image Bollards for expert help and advice. We have a massive selection of bollards in a wide range of styles and materials. The Yaolong Bollards team would be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in determining the solution that is best suited to your particular needs.



Aluminum is often used to manufacture detachable bollards for decorativeapplication, notforvehicle safety applications. Lightweight, easily castable materials are also naturally oxidized to form a barrier against corrosion. If your business or organization is on the shoreline, the aluminum bollards may be exactly what you need.



Plastic bollard

There are many reasons why removable plastic bollards are preferable to traditional concrete or metal models. However, there are some instances where this type of bollard may not be the right choice This lightweight and durable material resists the wear and tear of deicing chemicals and solvents. It won’tshatter, fadeor damaged by vehicle collisions.

 The disadvantages of plastic bollards are that they lack the strength of many other materials. While concrete or metal bollards can withstand the impact of a vehicle, this level of protection is not offered with plastic bollards. This means that if you want bollards in an area where large vehicles are operating, you may prefer the reassurance of a stronger material.



Plastic bollards also lack the aesthetic appeal of some metal bollards. It is possible to install metal models that are not only strong but look attractive. So, if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your space, plastic may not be the right choice. Certainly, plastic bollard have many advantages, but when compared with stainless steel’s and aluminum alloy’s, there are still many shortcomings.


Temperate environment

1.Powder coating for factory applications is the ideal choice

2.Suitable for galvanized steel, aluminum and steel

3.The application process builds a coating with very consistent coverage

4.Any bare metal absorbs the powder during the coating process, so it Eliminate pinholes in the overlay

5.The surface finish baking process gives it extra toughness and abuse resistance


Hostile Environment

1.Aluminum bollard isa better choice than iron.

2.If the topcoat is damaged, the aluminum will oxidize to a color that is more acceptable than the red rust produced by iron.

3.Aluminum and stainless steel are also optionsin several bare metal finishes




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