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The Birthday Party Of Yaolong Aluminium Street Light Pole Supplier

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:06/11/2019

In 2019, Yaolong aluminum composite suppliers has a lot of significant events and many reforms were made. The birthday party is the latest event we proposed. Have you ever had a personal birthday experience held by company for you? Let us experience the carnival of the Yaolong birthday party!


birthday party of aluminum light pole


  In the past 15 years, Yaolong has gradually developed and become one of the top flagpole suppliers in China. At the same time, our hot-sale products such as: aluminium street light pole, aluminum light pole, stainless steel flag pole,stainless steel bollard and so on are exported to more than 30 countries around the world. It is worth mentioning that the rapid development of Yaolong can not be separated from the efforts of the Yaolong team. Here, the Yaolong aluminum light pole supplier would like to thank the employees who have accompanied Yaolong to grow and progress together. Yaolong cherishes those employees who are loyal to the company and friendly with their colleagues.Yaolong’s employing the concept : people is “reuse of virtuous and talented , virtuous and non –training use only”.This reflects the Yaolong aluminium street light pole supplier is a people-oriented company. We respect each employee's personality and strengths to guide them to develop greater potency. In the mean time, Yaolong is also a big family of employees, accepting their shortcomings and encouraging employees to grow.


  Today, Yaolong organized birthday party as a mother for the ‘children’ whose birthday is in May and June . This kind of celebration will continue to hold, which not only closes the distance between the company and employees, but also sent Yaolong’s love and gratitude to the employees.
On May 25th, 2019, with the warm applause and cheerful music, the five protagonists grandly appeared, and they were happy to stand on the stage which is specially arranged. First of all, Yaolong prepared a special gift for the birthday stars, in addition to the gifts from the company. Every birthday stars can also get the another present from other colleagues. The rest of the company will write in advance what gifts to send on the note and then put them into the lucky dip. Each of the birthday stars has a chance to draw a lottery. So funny ,right? The gifts of other people are really varied. For example, a hug, a big meal, a cactus, a cup of milk tea b, etc.

birthday party of aluminum composite board suppliers

  Of course, there is necessary for a party to play a games.    In the first round:use chopsticks to caught with ping-pong balls caught in one minute. Two people in one group.The group who can catch the ping-pong balls in one minute are winner. This not only tests the individual's ability to respond, but also tests the team's ability to collaborate. Yaolong aluminum light pole supplier has always paid attention to the development of the team spirit and has held various team group competitions, such as group knowledge competitions. The purpose is to cultivate the sense of mutual cooperation between our staff and enhance the feelings among colleagues.


  In the second round: drink coke competition, three people in a group, each group member takes turns drinking a bottle of cola.The group relays within the specified time who finished first wins .Of course, we will check if the cola is really finished,a drop of cola from bottle will be penalized for ten push-ups.Last, our foreign trade team with both beauty and wisdom won this game.

birthday party of aluminium light pole

birthday party of aluminium light pole supplier

Finally, it is our warm and romantic moment. After making a wish ,the birthday star are ready to cut the cake. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy .....", the song of blessing sounded slowly, this song carries the greetings of Yaolong to the staff, and also represents the friendly relationship between colleagues. It must be a special fate, so that you can become a family along the way. In such a big family of Yaolong, every family member is proud of existence, and Yaolong will progress with the team in the following days and move toward the international track.

birthday party of stainless steel bollard



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