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The Advantage of Electric Flagpole

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:08/14/2019

In daily life, we often see the presence of flagpoles in various resource depot, enterprises, living quarters, stations, customs terminals, schools, stadiums, high-end hotels, city squares, and so on. In the previous message, the Yaolong flagpole company has shared the development history of the flagpole.You can click “New” to view the previous chapter. The flagpole is familiar to everyone. Maybe we have encountered such awkward situation when we participated in the flag-raising ceremony. First, the speed of raising the flag is not synchronized with the speed of the national anthem, which causes the flag is reaching the top of the flagpole while the national anthem has not finished singing. The second is that the national flag has fallen, or the flag rope has been stuck. This sudden occurrence caused the original solemn and sacred moment to be broken. Don't worry, Yaolong Flagpole company has developed an electric built-in flagpole to make up for the shortage of traditional manual flagpoles.


First of all,Let us know what is an electric flagpole? The electric flagpole adopts high-quality microcomputer control technology, which can precise and effectively control the time of flag raising and flag reduction, and has the function of broadcasting linkage.It can connect multiple flagpoles to achieve group ascent, thus they can be raised ,stopped and lowered at the same time.Synchronization can reach 0.1 seconds. The flagpole rope of the electric flagpole is made of special stainless steel wire rope and placed inside the flagpole. It is durable, the electric motor device is small in size and low in noise. It is safely installed inside the flagpole. The flag can be manipulated with a button or remote control.


The consist of electric of flagpole servo motor
2. one controller
A.Generally, there are professional flagpole companies to research and develop.
B. There are two kinds of transformers and switching power supplies. Generally, the life of the transformer is longer.
3.two remote control


The system features:
1.equipped with an automatic playing music and public-address systems
2. you can remotely raise and lower the flag.
3.Play the national anthem and raise the national flag simultaneously
4, with audio input, audio output interface, recording and playback switch and recording and playback conversion button function.


The advantage of electric flagpole
1. Remote control flag-raising function: In order to meet the different requirements of the user for the flag-raising operation mode, the flagpole is equipped with a remote control function, which realizes the remote control of the flag-pole flag-raising process. The remote control distance can use within 50 meters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation.

2.360 degree downwind ball crown device. The flag can can rotate 360 degrees against the wind ,then the flag can fly freely through the wind direction changed. In an indoor environment, a wind drive motor device can be installed to help the flap floated freely.

3.Advanced automatic control technology: The electric flagpole has set the flag-raising time-course control function. For the flagpoles of different heights, the flag-raising speed can be adjusted as desired. The control system of the flagpole can accurately calculate the height of the flagpole through self-test, and calculate the speed of the music, and obtain an accurate flag-raising speed, so that the time taken by the flag-raising process is consistent with the time of music playing, and the flag can be freely delayed. The electric flagpole has more powerful joint control.

4. Stroke control function: The electric flagpole control system is equipped with two protections of proximity switch and photoelectric switch to ensure that the flag can be accurately positioned and stopped, so that the whole mechanism can operate reliably and accurately.

5. Manual operation function. When the electric flagpole encounters a power outage, the user can opens the door plate with the key, and raise or low the flagpole with the removable hand crank. It is convenient and flexible, easy to operate, saves manpower and resources, and works well.


Electric flagpole installation method:

The electric flagpole is composed of a tapered flagpole body plus a motor and a controller. Since the lifting controllers of the electric flagpoles are all placed inside the flagpole, when the electric flagpole is customized, the lower diameter of the flagpole is generally 210mm or more.

1. Install the tapered flagpole body normally, and install the downwind ball head and wire rope.

2. Stand the flagpole body and fix the stainless steel cone flagpole through the pre-embedded foundation.

3, through the infrared level or horizontal hammer to 90 degrees vertical straightening of the flagpole

4. Install electric flagpole motor and electric flagpole lifting controller



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