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Tips on the use skills of Stainless steel tapered light pole and tapered flag pole

  • source:YaoLong
  • Date:06/25/2019
With the improvement of people's living standards, the material of the flagpole has developed from the past wood and iron to stainless steel and aluminum alloy. At present, there are two types of flagpoles on the market: stainless steel tapered flag pole and aluminum alloy tapered flag pole. As the name implies, the tapered flag pole is tapered like a conical shape from bottom to top. As a leading domestic flagpole manufacturers, Yaolong today briefly shared some practical tips on stainless steel tapered flag poles and tapered light pole.
When the flagpole is attached to the national flag, it not only represents the symbol of a country, but also represents the image of a country. When you look up at the flag under the flagpole, it will give you a solemn and sacred feeling. But why should the flagpole be designed to be tapered(It is larger of the downpart than its upper part)? let us think about it together.Yaolong flagpole supplier summarized the following three points:
1. Aesthetics, when the flag is rising, as the flagpole becomes more and more thin, the national flag is also quite spectacular.
2. In any wind down, the flag will not wrap around the flagpole.
3. Strong stability, will not cause the top of the flagpole to be heavy due to the influence of the weather. When the tapered structure is adopted, the base has strong adsorption force to the ground, which results in strong wind resistance of the flagpole.
Tapered flagpoles are generally used in corporate headquarters, hotels, schools, stadiums, etc. Today, the use of stainless steel flagpoles has certain standards, and the height of the flagpoles will be selected according to the application scene.Nowadays most of large-scale enterprise will install tapered flag pole , The earliest install of tapered flag pole is a state-owned enterprise. With the progress of the social, state-owned enterprises, institutions, or conventional companies will all install tapered flag pole in front of their company.
Nowadays, many customers do not directly purchase the already prepared flagpoles from the flagpole manufacturers. On the contrary, they often have custom requirements of the tapered flag pole according to the needs of the project or local construction requirements. Let's take a look at the production process of the tapered flagpole.
First, the shearing board is firstly made according to the length of the flagpole. The selected stainless steel materials are mostly 201 and 304 models, and the thickness is between 2.5mm and 4.0mm. This process requires the use of a large shearing machine, which can only be slightly longer and not shorter. Cut into an isosceles trapezoid, according to the geometric principle, so that it is rolled up into a cone.
Second, the next step is to work on the bending and curling. This step is very critical and it is very likely that there will be no forming. The isosceles trapezoidal board was placed on the bending machine for curling, and the original shape of the stainless steel flagpole was made.
Thirdly, after the flagpole is formed, it is necessary to perform seamless welding, and argon arc welding technology is required. The welding must be done without gaps and burrs, laying the foundation for the next polishing pad.
Fourth, polishing and polishing. This process requires polishing with a professional gauze. Apply even force and continue to polish until the weld is the same as the unwelded one. Such a flagpole is basically made.
Fifth, the accessories of the flagpole; after the trunk of a flagpole is made, the flag crown needs to be installed at the top, and the fixing device with the screw opening is welded at the lower part for convenient fixing. The manufacture of the flange is relatively simple, that is, the steel bars with a large number of middle fingers are welded into a rectangular parallelepiped for screw fastening to the bottom of the flagpole.
Tapered light pole
The common shape of the pole is a stainless steel tapered light pole, which is characterized by its beauty, durability and rich shape.
In the next part, Yaolong light pole manufacturer will use a few points to explain the knowledge of the tapered light pole
The main material of the tapered light pole has stainless steel, aluminum alloy and Q235B raw material. At present, because the iron material light pole has a short life spun and is easy to rust, customers tend to buy poles made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
  2. Design style
The stainless steel tapered light poles are rich in shape, can be welded to other lamp arms, or engraved on the surface of the pole. Aluminum alloy conical lamps generally use the characteristics of aluminum alloy spinning to spun the diameter of the poles of different calibers. For example, the following gourd shape garden light pole is made by spinning with a advance spinning device.
  3. Process
Stainless steel tapered light pole welding process: the entire pole shaft should be free of any cracking, leakage welding, continuous air hole, undercut, etc. The weld seam is smooth and flat, without bumps and undulations, and without any welding defects. Aluminum alloy flagpole spinning process: using 6063 industrial aluminum alloy equal-diameter pipe as raw material (to ensure the strength and roundness of the material in the later stage of the rod body production), after being pressed by a numerical control spinning machine, it is treated by high-temperature quenching to make the tapered light pole reached the t6 temper.
  4.Access door 
The electrical door of stainless steel pole and aluminum pole is cut by laser cutting machine.
  5. Surface treatment
The surface treatment methods of stainless steel poles are: painted, polishing, gold titanium finished, coated, etc.
The surface treatment methods of aluminum alloy poles are: anodizing, white power coated, spray coating, etc.


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