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Yaolong Stainless Steel Light Poles For Reunion Island Project

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:09/11/2018

Aluminium light pole manufacturers--Yaolong has a professional design team and we can design and customize the aluminium light poles and stainless steel light pole for your projects . Our products have been widely exported to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. We have cooperated with many foreign customers, and our customized aluminum alloy light pole products have been praised and rewarded by customers.


Recently, our stainless steel poles have exported to the Reunion Island and establish a business with our customers. We are so excited to receive positive feedback from a European customer. A batch of 9-meter special design stainless steel light poles was installed at one beach park in Reunion Island, France. The white color powder coated light poles look very clean at the background of blue sky.



The most attractive part of these stainless steel lamp pole is the double lamp arms. The angle between the elevation and the horizontal of the whole lamp arm is 35 degrees. The overall weight of the lamp arm is about 45 kg, the center of gravity of the lamp arm is forward, and the angle between the arms is 10 degrees, which is very difficult to manufacture. But we are proud that finally, we overcome all challenges.


Stainless Steel has excellent corrosion resistance. After it’s powder coated, the stainless steel bollards are double protected. Even it is used near the seaside where the environment is very salty and humid, the stainless steel light pole will not be corroded for a long time.



The workmanship of our welders was tested particularly in the connection part between two arm brackets. YAOLONG people welded and polished this part to the best status of finishing. Yaolong people welded and polished this part to the best status of finishing by our 20 years experience in this filed.


YAOLONG outdoor pole lights company focused on manufacturing extraordinary and high-difficulty stainless steel and aluminium light poles and flagpoles. Would like to be the best choice for you to find among the best stainless steel pole suppliers.Contact, we can meet your need of the poles.W 're looking forward to co-operating with you.


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