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Stainless Steel Outdoor Bollard Light ,Yaolong Stainless Steel Bollard Manufacturers
stainless steel outdoor bollard light

Stainless Steel Outdoor Bollard Light

  • Model No.: YLAPP-1
  • MOQ: 10 pcS
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design :OEM / ODM/Customized

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  The model YSSB-88 stainless steel bollard light is from 900mm to 1200mm high with a 115mm diameter. low energy LED bollard with a stainless steel finish. It would be ideal patio or pathway's
This stunning new design decorative stainless steel bollard light is made by Leading Yaolong stainless steel bollard manufacturers, Giving you the confidence and reliability you need in garden products. This brilliant item would look great in any creative or designed garden. We have little doubt that when hosting parties this feature will certainly become a key talking point due to its distinct design and function. Why not facelift your garden this year with our eye catching Solar Stars Cut Out Bollard Light


Body made in stainless steel 304 grade which provides great protection against harsh environmental conditions such as salt water or other forms of chemical exposure.


High output LEDs offer a minimum estimated operating life of 50,000 hours in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K (standard). LEDs placed on high performance aluminum heatsink for reduced junction temperatures and extended life.


The standard finish for this stainless steel led bollard is satin brush finished.Additional finished are available upon request.


This modern style stainless steel bollard light is surface mounted, and supplied with 4 stainless steel bolts for installation.


Yaolong stainless steel bollards light series provide perimeter protection whilst also adding contemporary style and elegance to the surrounding landscape. Bollards are available in a number of modern styles, with each bollard available in a variety of length and diameter options.Available in standard sizes of 800, 900, 1000 & 1200mm above ground (custom heights available on request)

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