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Stainless Steel Flagpole With Internal Halyard,Yaolong Flagpole Company

Stainless Steel Flagpole With Internal Halyard

  • Model No.: DE-1
  • MOQ: 10 pcs
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM / Customized

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The Internal Halyard Flagpole is one of Carrot-Top’s best values in a low-maintenance, tamper-proof flagpole. Its ingenious internal halyard system allows you to raise and lower the flag via a winch and hand crank assembly. The winch assembly is secured behind a lockable panel near the flagpole’s base and cannot be accessed without a key. This security feature makes internal halyard flagpoles a great choice for flag displays that are off-site, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing your flag is flying undisturbed even when you can’t be there to check up on it.


These internal halyard flagpoles made from stainless steel are available in mounted heights from 20 ft. to 80 ft.The internal halyard poles have a winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft, operable only with a removable crank handle. Internal Halyard Flagpole is a handsome aluminum flagpole that features a tamper-proof design to protect your flag when you can’t be there to check on it.  Most commonly used outside natural scenic area and schools but can be used for both residential and commercial properties.       


The pole shaft is rolled by stainless steel sheet, and integrated into shape.


Stainless steel aircraft cable,As the stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch, it passes up through the inside of the flagpole shaft, over the truck sheave to the outside of the shaft, where the retaining ring provides a sliding anchor.


A winch is provided inside the pole at 4-6 above ground level to raise and lower the flag by use of a removable hand crank. The winch contains an automatic brake system to permit locking of the flag in any position.


Ground Set foundation-anchor bolts is fabricated from galvanized steel Q235B ,Bolts are provided with four foundation bolts,three flat washers and lock washers.Each pole is offer one piece of rib reinforcement.


The standard finish for this commercial internal halyard aluminium alloy flag pole is satin brush finished.Additional finish or color option are available upon request.

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