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Yaolong Stainless Steel Flagpole For Asian Games Opening Ceremony

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:09/18/2018

Have you ever watched the Asian Games in Indonesia? Are you impressed by the exciting Opening Ceremony? At 7:00 pm on August 18th in Jakarta, Indonesia, the 18th Asian Games opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.YAOLONG stainless steel pole suppliers once again became the flagpole supplier for the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, we feel extremely proud.


China is in a key historical node from the big sport's country to the sports power. This Asian Games is an important training before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and a comprehensive inspection of Chinese competitive sports.Yaolong stainless steel bollards manufacturers will continue to make contributions for the National Sports and Asian Games.


Asian Games Opening Ceremony


The Pangano Stadium, which can accommodate 88,000 people, is very lively. In the cheers of the audience, delegations from 45 countries and regions entered the venue. At the grand opening ceremony, as the flagpole supplier of the opening ceremony, Yaolong flagpole supplier continued to shine, we contribute to the smooth development of the Asian Games!


The opening flagpole uses the patented product of Yaolong- stainless steel electric wind-driven flag pole.The flag can still fly naturally without any wind in the stadium. This scene reminds us of the opening ceremony flagpole which we supplied to the Beijing Olympic Games 10 years ago. The same system is used, but now we use the most advanced wind blower system of Yaolong, the sound is smaller than before and the wind is even stronger.

stainless steel electric wind-driven flag pole


It is worth mentioning that the Asian Games committee did not adopt YAOLONG horizontal medal award flagpole in this Games. We feel very sorry about that. In the 200m free swimming competition, Sun Yang won the championship with excellent results. At the medal award ceremony, when the national flag rose to the highest point, the flagpole fell unfortunately. Sun Yang requested to raise the flag again. After 10 minutes of repairs,the flagpole can return to normal state and successfully complete a flag-raising ceremony. How much we hope that the organizing committee can adopt the Yaolong stainless steel medal award flagpoles, so that the award ceremony will not be so embarrassing. We have always put quality first.Yaolong brand medal awarding flagpoles were used for awarding prizes to the winners successfully in the Beijing Olympic Games and the Guangzhou Asian Games stadiums with 10,000 trials without any accidents. We are highly proud of our high quality flagpole products.

stainless steel electric wind-driven flag pole one


The slogan of this Asian Games is "Asia Energy", Yaolong Company, as the leader of the Asian stainless steel and aluminium flagpole factories, we are very confident, with the support of customers from all over the world, we will become the most energetic manufacturer in Asia and the world and will make a big contribution to the flag raising in the world. We made China more respected.


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