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What's The Future Development Direction of The Smart Light Pole Industry?

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:09/02/2019

Since the concept of smart city was proposed, countries around the world have actively promoted the construction of smart cities and has achieved remarkable results. At present, developed countries such as the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom have taken the lead in launching smart city construction, and each has achieved first-mover advantage in social public services, practicality of solutions, and urban planning. Many cities in China have also set off a climax of smart city construction, and introduced a series of policy measures to promote the construction of smart cities. With the continuous improvement of related technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and sensing technology, the smart city industry is expected to achieve explosive growth.

The smart light pole is an indispensable equipment in the urban infrastructure and has a geographical advantage, which is conducive to the construction of the signal base station. As a powerful carrier for the construction of smart cities, the smart light poles will enter the rapid development stage along with the rapid development of smart city construction.


Nowadays, the smart light pole has become a new hot spot in the smart city industry. According to the data of the OFweek Industry Research Institute "2018 Global and China Intelligent Lighting Market Status and Trend Analysis Report", the global smart light pole market reached 3.84 billion yuan in 2017, of which the market size of China's smart light pole construction is 790 million yuan . With the increasing penetration of smart light poles in the world, it is expected that by 2022, the global smart light pole market will reach 16 billion yuan. Although the smart street light pole market is popular, it is a systematic project involving a wide range of technologies, enterprises and government departments. How to build, manage and maintain smart light poles is a topic worth considering, especially the construction of a large-scale business model is worthy of further study.


Develop to today, smart city poles have to meet two needs. The first is energy saving. Compared with traditional sodium lamps, LED street lamp posts are more than 60% energy-efficient, but global LED street lamp posts have low penetration rates. Therefore, cities need more energy-efficient street light pole. Second, with the continuous progress of 5G, artificial intelligence, and Internet of things,technologies such as big data and car networking,the role of street lights will not only be limited to lighting. The industry demands more requirements, such as urban environmental monitoring, video surveillance, wireless networks, information dissemination, and emergency calls. , charging piles, etc., so the duty of street lamps has become more and more abundant.

Now street light pole are no longer limited to lighting , camera, meter reading, security, charging, WiFi and other functions are gathered in a 10 meter smart light pole. In this article, we will discuss the future development direction of the smart light pole industry.


Smart street light pole core function:
Intelligent lighting: each light pole is connected to the Internet through information sensing equipment to achieve on-demand lighting and fine management of batch lamps, thereby achieving energy saving, emission reduction, efficient operation and maintenance.


Intelligent security: digital surveillance, security management, traffic guidance, etc can be achieved through the camera and remote control system.


Information release system: public information, warning information, and prompt information of government departments are released through the LED electronic screen, and combined with intelligent security, the normal speed limit sign is used, and issue early warning information when there situation occurs on the road.

Wireless City: Adopting the "micro base station light" integrated design scheme to realize wireless communication network, wireless RF network and wireless NFO network, in line with the needs of urban communication construction.


Charging pile: Cooperate with the government to promote new energy vehicles, and provide convenient charging services for electric vehicles at any time and anywhere on the smart street light poles at stations, communities and roads.


What is the purpose of the smart street lamp?


"Wisdom" needs to be intelligent, so that people interact with the light pole, which is a process of two-way feedback and communication. Smart street light pole not only add a variety of devices to the light pole, but ultimately require analytical and processing power. After the front end collects the information, it can be quickly calculated and processed independently, so that it can be called a smart light pole.


In 2018, what changes have been made to the smart city pole industry?


Starting from 2017, the lighting industry began to combine smart street light poles, starting from the perspective of the industry, which is conducive to the development of the market. Second, there has been a major shift in government demand. Compared with the previous company's recommendation to the government to build a smart street light pole pilot, now the government has a clear need, the government itself defines the standard, and the company allocates the project according to the volume of government funding.


Therefore, in the future ,smart light pole industry may be divided into two branches of industrial manufacturers of smart light poles and operating companies of smart light poles. Of course, if the current smart light pole manufacturing enterprises can simultaneously accelerate the operation capability of layout smart light poles, Combining product capabilities and operational capabilities will maintain a high level of competitiveness in the future smart light pole competition.


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