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We provide customers with quality poles like aluminum light pole and stainless steel flag pole with high-quality services.


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As a leading professional stainless steel pole suppliers - Yaolong provides a huge variety of stylish outdoor architectural products, including commercial and architectural flagpoles, street light poles, garden light poles, landscape light poles, traffic light poles, bollard lights, security bollards, aluminium flag pole, and so on. The material of light columns and flag poles we manufacture includes stainless steel and aluminum alloy. These two materials can be well complemented according to the different application and environment. We manufacture and market tubular aluminum light pole for use in street and garden lighting, decorative streetscape lighting, traffic signage and solar lighting. Besides, we produce aluminium and stainless steel flagpoles for use in government, sports event stadiums, schools, hotels, airports, convention centers and malls.

YAOLONG is dedicated to design, manufacture, deliver and install high-end modern outdoor architectural products. We strive to provide cost-effective flagpoles, aluminum light poles and safety bollards for engineering contractors and suppliers around the world.

In the past 15 years, Yaolong has completed many prestigious world-class projects, including Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Exposition, Tian An Men Gate Tower, Fina International Swimming Championships, Abu Dhabi New International Airport, Oman Muscat New International Airport and the Presidential Palace of Turkmenistan. We have a great capacity to customize the pole and bollard products for your projects.

Goldapple Aluminum Form Product Details


    Goldapple aluminum formwork system allows building for monolithic and /or 2 stages casting application to suit all kinds of building requirements.

  • 2. Aluminum Panels-Extruded Sections

    Our panels are all extruded sections by high pressure pressers thus giving the toughness strength required by construction need. They are mechanically linked together -not ONLY from welding

  • 3. Aluminum ALLOY 6061-T6

    6061-T6 is one of the most versatile of the heat-treatable alloys, is popular for medium to high strength requirements and possesses good to toughness characteristics. 6061-T6 has excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions and good corrosion resistance to sea water.


    Goldapple patented ppwder coated aluminum form work achieves smooth concrete surfaces, more durable and easy to clean. No rendering is needed--savings on materials and labour costs.



    Our early strike system allows slab panels to be striped after casing within 4 days and provide top quality surface finish on the concrete, by using our special designed prop head.

Necessity of Aluminum Formwork System:

Rapid urbanization has resulted in a geometric increase in the housing demand, which cannot be fulfilled by using conventional methods of construction.

The traditional method of construction for mass housing & high rise buildings is a slow process and has limited quality control, particularly when a large size project is involved.

It is therefore obligatory to work out a method where the speed and quality of construction are controlled automatically by a systematic approach.

Aluminum Formwork Application

  • 1. Multi- Storey Residential Complex

  • 2. High- Rise Commercial Building-- Core wall

  • 3. Bungalow & Villa

  • 4. Civil Development

Aluminum Formwork Features:

  • 1. Speed

    Ease in Shuttering / de- Shuttering and ability to perform monolithic concreting for any structures gives “Aluminum Formwork System” a superior advantage of speed. Using Aluminum Formwork System technology floor to floor cycle of seven days can be achieved.

  • 2. Quality

    "Aluminum Form System" is manufactured with precise tolerance providing High quality Formwork components which ensures the consistency of architectural dimensions.

  • 3. Safety

    A lot of importance is given to safety while designing the “Aluminum Formwork System” External brackets are provided which are fixed along the periphery of the structure at two levels for safe Erection and De- Shuttering of External Formwork.

  • 4. Ease of Erection&De-Shuttering

    A lot of Emphasis is given to the erection and De- Shuttering time of Formwork. Vertical and Horizontal members are locked through pins and Wedges. Vertical Formwork Components can be removed in 24 Hours and Horizontal Formwork Components can be removed in 72 Hours without disturbing the props so that the Formwork Components can be used for the Subsequent floors with second Set of Props.

  • 5. Easy Material Handling

    Light weight of the system ensures smooth flow of the component without the use of any External material Handling Equipment such as cranes and super decks as the Formwork Components can be easily transported to next level by a single person manually.

  • 6. Highly Versatile & Durable

    High Quality Aluminum alloys are used to manufacture “Aluminum Formwork System” with the highest standards of manufacturing methods and practices enabling the consumer to achieve as many as 300 usages, under Ideal conditions and proper handling.

  • 7. Less Dependency on Skilled Workers

    “Aluminum Formwork System” is made of lightweight Aluminum alloy which allows the big and small components to be hand carried and setup. Due to the elaborate Design and Drawings provided to the clients, erection old formwork can be achieved by unskilled workers with ease and accuracy.

  • 8. Repeated use multiple times,low average use cost

    Aluminum alloy building aluminum formwork system uses aluminum alloy profiles formed by integral extrusion of raw materials (6063-T6 or 6061-T6), a set of formwork can be used for more than 300 times in standard construction, with low average use cost.

What is Aluminum Form?

Aluminum formwork manufacturing uses panels that are made from high strength Aluminum alloy.

The panels are held in position by a simple pin and wedge arrangement system.

The panel fits precisely, securely and requires no bracing.

It has sections that are large enough to be effective, yet light enough in the weight to be handled by a single worker.

Aluminum Formwork System is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placement and mechanical and electrical conduits.

The System is fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective. It is unique because it forms all of the concrete in a building including walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window hoods, balconies and various decorative features in exact accordance with the architects' design. The dimensional accuracy of the concreted work also results in consistent fittings of doors and windows. The smooth–off form finish of the concrete eliminates the need for costly plastering.

Aluminum Formwork System provides Aluminum Formwork for RCC load bearing or RCC framed multi-storied buildings and enables the walls and slabs to be poured in the same operation. These increases efficiency and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish. Due to the fine tolerance achieved in the machined metal shuttering components, consistent concrete shapes and finishes are obtained floor after floor. This allows plumbing and electrical fittings to be prefabricated with the certain knowledge that there will be an exact fit when assembled.

Unlike other construction systems, Formwork Systems of Aluminum forms can be erected by unskilled labour and without the need for hoisting cranes. The largest panel weighs not more than 25 kgs which means it can be handled by a single worker.

Does Palmary Fashion offer a catalog?
Our package is strictly according to international standard to ensure delivery to your destination without any damage. International wood case package: EPE+ Bubble film+Corner protection+paper+plywood+wood strip jointer.


solar street light pole design
With the continuous improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency and production technology, the application of solar photovoltaic power generation is more and more extensive. In the field of lighting, solar street lamp, as the main application mode of the photovoltaic power generation system in China, has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. At present, it is found that many people have one-sided considerations in solar street light pole design, such as the consideration of peak time, the choice of battery capacity and the understanding of continuous cloudy and rainy days.

As a new type of green energy, solar energy has been rapidly promoted and applied with its incomparable advantages. As the sixth generation light source, it has been effectively used in urban lighting beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other fields of lighting and application, especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting has more extensive application prospects. In the west of our country, the non-main road solar street lamp, the solar energy courtyard lamp gradually becomes the scale.

Solar street light pole system consists of four parts: lamps, solar panels, batteries, controllers, has the following advantages: no rotating parts, no noise; No air pollution, no sewage discharge; No combustion process, no fuel required; Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost; Good operation reliability and stability; Solar panels, a key component, have a long life, and crystalline silicon solar cells can last more than 25 years. Working principle is to use solar street lamps light born v effect principle of solar cells, solar cells absorb solar photon energy to generate electricity during the day, is stored in the storage battery by the controller, when the night falls or photovoltaic panels around the light are low, the battery supply power to light by the controller by setting off after a certain amount of time.
decorative street light poles
The safety and sturdiness of any street lighting resolution you decide on are necessary. The brightness of the sunshine emitted can rely upon the supply similarly because of the height of the pole itself. reliableness of the lighting supply is additionally an element. aggressive atomic number 11 (HPS) lighting dulls and dims over time. As a result, the world lighted by these sources might not be as safe as alternative bright lit ones.

Durability is another key issue to stay in mind once buying a street lighting post. These products must endure the weather and also the check of your time. durable posts are those who need very little maintenance and may survive extreme weather changes. Contractors, builders, and developers ought to take into account forged aluminum or steel solutions. These materials are robust, nevertheless light-weight, and may stand up to lots of wear and tear and tear.

LightMart has decorative street light poles that can provide a distinctive look and feel for your lighting application. Their decorative poles still provide all of the strength and reliability you would expect from a LightMart product, while also providing an architectural look.

Choosing the correct decorative street light poles is vital likewise as selecting high-quality aluminum street light pole. Yaolong aluminum decorative street light poles are made from premium materials and advanced production machines. It will become stunning street landscapes in each town within the world.