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How To Prevent Stainless Steel Flagpole From Rusting

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:09/30/2018

In many ways, stainless steel flagpoles, as the name implies, are flagpoles that never rust. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Stainless steel flagpoles do not rust under normal conditions, but improper use or other environmental factors may cause them to rust.


Yaolong Stainless Steel Flagpole factory has been in the stainless steel flagpole manufacturing industry for 20 years. After many ups and downs, we have won the customer's reputation and become the leader in the manufacture of the Chinese flag pole.


Today we will share the knowledge about the cause of rusting of stainless steel flagpoles and how to prevent them.


1.In order to save costs, some small flagpole factories use low chromium and nickel in stainless steel raw materials that are not up to standard, and the two component are just important materials for anti-corrosion of stainless steel. Yaolong stainless steel flagpoles mainly use the raw materials of big steel mills such as TISCO and Baosteel. The materials are all up to standard. As a stainless steel pole suppliers, our materials can be tested by professional labs or we can provide the mill certificates. This is a way to prevent rust from the source.

2.The materials and finished products of iron and stainless steel are improperly stored and in contact with each other. The iron material contains iron ions, which can cause damage to the surface of the stainless steel and rust. YAOLONG factories are very large, and it is effectively classified and stored in the strict implementation of 5S. Moreover, Yaolong specializes in the production of flagpoles for stainless steel and aluminum alloys and almost doesnot make iron products, which also greatly reduces the chance of contact between stainless steel and iron. 

3.Rusting caused by improper use of the place. We have tried to have a customer feedback that our stainless steel flagpoles have a "white fog" situation. The material composition is qualified. It is very shocking to know that situation. Later on, it was verified that the customer installed the stainless steel 304 flagpole on the beach. This is a taboo for stainless steel 304. Because the acidity and alkalinity of the seaside are very high, chloride ions easily react with stainless steel which will cause rust. stainless steel 316L or aluminum alloy pole are more resistant to corrosion, which is recommended to use in the seaside. In addition to the acid and alkali of the seaside, the powder layer and rain in the heavily polluted industrial area, the sulfurous acid gas of the cars, and the ash layer of the garbage incineration will also cause the rust of the stainless steel flagpole, which needs attention.

4.The flagpole manufacturing process is improper. If the surface of the flagpole is too rough, the water and dust have a hiding place, and slowly react with the stainless steel to rust. So stainless steel bollards manufacturers grind all the flagpole to very fine, there is no space for the dusty water to attach. The welded parts of our base are cleaned very carefully to prevent rusting.


In addition to the above prevention methods, we should regularly wipe the flagpoles to protect the flagpoles with dust and other harmful substances.For the slight rust that has already occurred, we need to wipe the filter cloth in the same direction of the brushing.


After reading this blog, do you want to learn more about us? Please contact us for further information.


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