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Participating in Qatar Index Exhibition and Winning Prestigious Projects

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:12/07/2018

Yaolong has a professional design team and we can design and customize the stainless steel flag pole for your projects. Our products have been widely exported to Spain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. Recently, Yaolong has participated in Qatar Index Exhibition and winning prestigious projects.


After winning the rights to host the two international events of the 2019 World Championships and the 2022 World Cup, Qatar's domestic infrastructure market demand is growing rapidly. According to the tracking system data of the UAE Middle East Venture Capital Construction Project, the current Qatar construction market total scale is 280.2 billion US dollars, and Qatar is gradually growing into the world's largest construction market. Qatar's infrastructure market is vast and heavily dependent on imports. The “Belt and Road” has brought tremendous opportunities to the Chinese building materials industry with strong production and production capacity advantages.



From 13-15th November 2018, the export sales team from YAOLONG company participated INDEX QATAR exhibition. A lot of local government departments,contractors, designers, trading companies showed high interest in our products. We exhibited our new products,titanium golden plated stainless steel stainless steel flagpoles, anodized aluminium flag pole,torch-design aluminium bollard light, stainless steel security bollard with Qatar Lusail City Logo, new designs of aluminium light poles and etched stainless steel light poles.



In the exhibition, fortunately, we got a very prestigious project -National Museum of Qatar. The local government was very confident on us when they saw the big projects which we have done before, for example, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Exposition, Guangzhou Asian Games, Qatar ISF project(Internal Security Force Camp), Turkmenistan Presidential Palace etc. The flagpole for Qatar National Museum will be in customized design with copper sculpture at the base to match the art design of the museum. The structural design is required to withstand 160km/h high wind speed and the surface treatment needs to resist high corrosion environment as the flagpole to be installed 1kilo meter away from the sea. The flagpole is electrically operated with Germany motor control system. Our engineer will go to the site and provide installation supervision in January 2019.



YAOLONG has professional structural designers and senior electrical and mechanical engineers. If you have any projects to do in the future, please send us the inquiry, our export sales representatives shall discuss your project individually.