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Outdoor Decorative Landscape Light Pole,Yaolong Light Pole Manufacturers
outdoor landscape light post
decorative stainless steel landscape light post
decorative stainless steel landscape light pole

Outdoor Decorative Landscape Light Pole

  • Model No.: YLOL-1
  • MOQ: 10 pcs
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM/Customized

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This is a made to order item. We will provide the customized services whether the quantity is above ten pieces . Please consult our sales representative for special requirements. We will contact you with current lead time within one business day of order placement.
YAOLONG is a professional light pole manufacturer in China,we are We have ample supplies of light pole material,you don’t worry about your product delay in shipment .We can guarantee that your products can be delivered quickly.


This outdoor landscape light poles manufactured under the supervision material stainless steel 304/316L ,has 133mm (5.24inches) pole diameter and 159 light OD taper at the top .it’s 6 meters tall with a wall thickness of 5.0mm ( 0.197inches).
The integrated design of this landscape light pole mixed ideas from America, has a unique and artistic appearance and can install 5 luminaries,widens its applications.They are frequently used in the area with a dense population, such us square,street,park lane


The pole shaft is made from austenitic stainless steel 304 steel plate of one-piece construction.

Luminaries Arms:

The luminaire arms with round shaped are fabricated of a single piece steel plate construction .The four lamp arms are a separate section which are welded to the pole shaft. And the four straight tubes are welded to the lamp arm.

Door Frame:

The door hatch is cut by advanced robot laser cutting machine with high accuracy and efficiency.The gap between the door plate and hatch is less than 0.5mm.After deburring,the edge is smooth.Each pole is provided a reinforce cover,grounding bolts,hardware.

Anchor Base:

The base plate is square with slotted holes for anchor bolts, fabricated from dia-cast aluminum.

Anchor Bolts:

Anchor bolts are made from galvanized steel Q235B ,the bolt is provided with four foundation bolts and two flat washers.Bolts have an "L" bend on one end .The top of bolts have an square locating plate.

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