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Our Complete Commercial Flagpole Buying Guide

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:10/11/2019

If you have never purchased a commercial flagpole before, the process seems daunting. Although many websites have complete commercial flagpoles and accessories, there are a lot of decisions to make. Over the years, we have learned that most people are not veterans of buying commercial flagpoles, and need a little help when choose. So, in the next few paragraphs, we'll introduce some of the most important points to remember when you buy your product-flagpole. (If you don't want to read a lot of content and just want to get started, you can call us at 86-757-83131237 or send email to and talk to a commercial flagpole consultant.



Commercial flagpole-Choose the most appropriate height

One of the first issues we need to consider is to determine the size of the commercial flagpole to be purchased. This is one of the areas in life where size does matter - the bigger the pole position, the bigger the flag, the greater the impact. The most important determinants in this regard are 1) municipal regulations and 2) your budget.

Some cities only allow the use of commercial flagpoles of a certain maximum height. In addition, you may have to notice that if your pole falls, it will not fall into traffic or utility lines. Therefore, the first step is to determine any regulations related to the height of the flagpole in your area.

This may be the most important first step in buying a business advantage.



Select the best installation location

Once you know the maximum commercial flagpole height allowed in your area (please note that there are no height restrictions in some areas), you can decide where to place the pole. For many companies, they will choose a prominent location, usually the facade and center of the building. For others, it may be next to the building. Regardless of which method you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to place the symbol of this great country.


First of all, it is best not to place commercial flagpoles so close to buildings that the flag will hit the building either when it is flying, raising or lowering . The same consideration goes with placing it too close to trees.When were no leaves we have seen poles placed near trees in the winter time, but thick trees can easily block the flagpole in summer. Typically, you should place the commercial flagpole at least as far from any potential obstruction as the length of the largest flag you intend to fly, plus 20 feet. This will ensure that your flag has excellent clearance in all wind directions.

Other considerations in where you place commercial flagpoles would include choosing the most aesthetic location. The flagpoles look good on hills and highlands. And this also tends to increase the height of appearance. Also, it is best to place the commercial flagpole in an open area that is breezy. Obviously, if you put the flagpole too close to the stump, or a large building or group of buildings, there is going to be very little wind flow and you won't see the flag fluttering. Related to this is to choose a commercial flagpole height that is higher than the building (if your budget and local regulations allow it). This will insure that any wind can rise to your banner and provide you with patriotism and inspirational displays on many days of the year.


Staying Within Budget

Once you know the maximum height allowed in your area, the budget may be your next consideration. Commercial flagpole prices can vary greatly depending on the configuration and strength of the pole. Factors that directly affect your payment price include halyard configuration - internal halyard or external halyard. The internal halyard is the safest setting (because the halyard is completely contained inside the flagpole), but it is also the most expensive (because it requires more internal hardware). The lanyard is the most common and reasonably priced commercial flagpole option. It’s our most popular seller.

Next, the strength of the flagpole will have a major impact on pricing. It is conceivable that the stronger it is, the more aluminum will be used in its construction, so the price will be higher. Commercial flagpole strength is measured by its wind speed rating. The stronger the pole, the higher the wind speed rating. Fortunately, determining the ideal flagpole strength for your location is a very simple process. Just consult the wind speed map for your country. Based on the engineer's recommendations, this will give you the lowest wind speed rating in your area. Once you have that rating(about 90 miles per hour), you know exactly how strong of a flagpoles you want to buy. Check other considerations from the list!

Therefore, your next step will be to choose a business flagpole that meets any applicable regulatory requirements in your city and that is strong enough for your area and that fits within your budget. From here on, most people will simply get the highest pole they can afford under these height and intensity constraints.


The Installation Process


It is easier to install the flagpole than it may seem. If the height of the poles is 30 inches in height or less, you can even do it yourself without any special equipment. In any case, your flagpole will be accompanied by complete installation instructions. The only materials you will need are concrete (and mixing tools), wooden gaskets, gravel and shovel - ideally a post hole digger. The vertical hammer is a good tool to ensure your rod is plumb and absolutely vertical.

If you don't plan to install it yourself, you need a good commercial flagpole installer to get your job done. Yaolong Flagpole Company includes scheduling the correct installation of your pole. We will find an installer in your area and coordinate the installation (if your order is a large one )so that you don't have to worry. Installation usually takes only a few hours. A professional installer may use a crane to support your pole, so you need to make sure that he can easily reach the installation site.


And that’s really all there is to it!We know that this seems a lot. But if you follow this guide, you will get a smooth flagpole buying experience. As we said, we are here to help you every step of the way. From start to finish, we will handle everything for you, so you don't have to worry about making the wrong move. If you are ready to use, please call Yaolong Flagpole at 86-757-83131237 or send email to We look forward to hearing from you!



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