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Oman Muscat International Airport Landscaping Light Pole Project in 2017

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:05/09/2018

When we finally completed this grand and challenging project, we felt a sense of accomplishment and honor at that moment.

The person in charge of the project stated that this is one of the most beautiful products he has ever seen, which makes Muscat International Airport more modern.

The most appealing feature of this landscape pole design is that its light system can change a color every few seconds. Diverse colors become a wonderful landscape at night. On the other hand, we focus on the waterproof performance, which greatly extends the life span of the pole.

This is another iconic lamp post project for Yaolong, and our strength has gradually been recognized in the Middle East. We believe that in the future international market, we will surely be discovered by more and more customers and projects.

Oman Muscat International Airport Landscaping Light Pole Project in 2017 02


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