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The Metal Award Electric Flagpole for East Asian Games

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:08/07/2019

In order to enhance the sports and cultural exchanges between the Olympic committees in East Asia, the regional representatives first proposed the suggestion that East Asia Games on the first council of the East Asian Olympic Committee held on September 15, 1991. In November of the same year, in the second East Asian National Olympic Committee Coordination Meeting, the East Asian Games was officially adopted as a four-year sports event, and the first sports meeting was held in China in 1993. The 5th East Asian Games was held in Hong Kong, China from December 5th to 13th, 2009.


Yaolong flagpole company is honored to be the horizontal metal award flagpole supplier of the East Asian Games.


We have provided a set of high quality of horizontal metal award automatic raise flagpole for the big games. The horizontal automatic raise flagpole are available in mounted length of 12m,can be fixed with three flags,This level automatic motorized stainless steel flag pole is made of high-strength stainless steel 304, and the surface has been polished to make it solemn, generous, and handsome.You can raise and low the flagpole by remote control or Intelligent microcomputer control.A hand crank is provide in case the electric system is out of work.


When the national anthem sounded, the horizontal awarding electric flag pole rose at a constant rate, and the rate of raising the flag was synchronized with the national anthem.


It adopts international advanced intelligent microcomputer control technology to the needs of many large-scale international competitions such as the Olympic Games, and the demand for different song time. It is the most advanced electric awarding and flag raising system in China. It can automatically adjust the time of different national songs and team songs then automatically adjust speed of raising the flag.


The control system is mainly composed of electric speed control part, mechanical lift , flag pole shaft and upper and lower stroke control part.The system adopts the imported program controller and is equipped with high-performance lifting machinery to make the national flag rise and fall smoothly and synchronously accurate. The system can also realize remote monitoring and remote control by connecting with with the remote control, computer, touch screen.


YAOLONG, a commercial and government stainless steel tapered and aluminum tapered supplier, we have worked with local governments on many large projects. For example, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Presidential Palace of Turkmenistan, the Singapore youth Asian games, and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.


if you are looking for horizontal stainless steel level medal award flag raising system flagpole, you've come to the right place. That's because the YAOLONG stainless steel flagpole supplier carry virtually any size automatic flagpole at the guaranteed best price. In addition,We have abundant experience in this field that have provided lots of stainless steel electric flagpole for many grant games,such as Beijing Olympic Games,Asian Games,Shandong national games and so on.Our medal award automatic flagpole collection includes vertical and horizontal flagpole with flag raising system. The electrical operated flagpole for grand games,award ceremony ,commonly made from stainless steel 304/316L, these two kinds of raw material both are high-strength and finest. For the sake of aesthetics, the flap pole surface has been polished, to make it looks solemn, generous, and aesthetics.


The podium is a solemn and impressive place, When the national anthem is played, everyone pays attention to the national flagpole raising, what would you feel if the flagpole suddenly breaks down or the national anthem is out of step with the speed of flag-raising. So you need to select the high quality ,High precision accuracy metal award electric flagpole carefully.Our level medal award flag raising system flagpole is controlled by the intelligence control system and remote control, so the flag can be hoisted smoothly, accurately and be synchronized with the country national anthem. In addition, the installation of this flag raising system is very convenient. Besides the remote control, We provide manual handle to hoist a flag just in case when there is no electricity power supply to the system. And Our halyard is made of composite rustproof steel rope, handsome and anti-rust, its not easy to be cut down and's very easy to install as tapered flag pole don't need to be welded when installation. We know there is a little difficult to choose if you need help or advice? Just call toll free 86-757-83131237 and our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.


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