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Yaolong Light Poles &Flagpoles Exported To India And Poland Respectively

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:09/21/2018

Except for exporting to Abu Dhabi and Reunion Island, Yaolong as an aluminium pole supplier has gained a high degree of recognition from our customers. This year, our products has exported well. Under with high-quality brand, we also have exported to India and Poland.


Aluminium Light Poles Anodized in Golden Color exported to India

Recently we exported a batch of 10 m gourd-shape aluminum street light poles to India. In order to achieve the best display effect, Indian customers require the surface of the aluminium light pole to be anodized into golden color. India is a country that believes in Buddhism and this golden effect is the most noble color of Buddhism. We used to anodize the aluminium other colors such as black and brown, but golden color is the first time. After many debugging by our technicians, we finally transferred the best golden effect. The cost of this golden anodizing is quite high and the effect of the display is fantastic. Ordinary powder coated is far from being able to achieve such an effect.

golden color aluminium light poles two

 YAOLONG company,as a professional Aluminium Light Pole Factory, owns a 15-meter anodizing pool and a professional anodizing technician. However, most other aluminum alloy plants only have a 6-meter anodizing pool, which is a limitation for the light pole with more than 6 meters high.


golden color aluminium light poles one



30m Electric Operated Flagpole for Poland's Day of Freedom

Yaolong is proud of that becoming the supplier of 30m Flagpole for Poland Government, which is for celebrating Poland's day of freedom on June 4th in 2018.June 4th is Poland's freedom day, celebrated on the occasion of the first elections after the fall of communism in 1989. The flag was hoisted by Lech Wales in the company of the well-known economist professor Leszek Balcerowicz and the President of Wroclaw.

Electric Operated Flagpole for Poland


The 30m Flagpole Yaolong supplied is one electric motorized stainless steel flagpole which can raise the flag automatically raise up and fall by one remote control. Considering the transportation, we divided the 30m Flagpole into 3 equal sections, each section can be connected by joint and fixed by bolts at the site. The flagpole can resist a maximum 160 km/h wind speed upon 4m × 6m Flag hanging on the pole.

Electric Operated Flagpole for Poland two


Through this Poland Governmental Project, our motor controlled system flagpole once again enhanced our Yaolong brand influence in the international flagpole field. Besides stainless steel flagpoles, we also produce aluminium flagpoles and light poles.


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