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How To Make A Flagpole?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:11/21/2019

The flagpole is used as a kind of symbol for various enterprises, institutions,port, stations, customs terminals, schools, stadiums, high-grade hotels, city squares, etc. The flagpole can be divided into tapered flagpole.,aluminum flagpole, stainless steel electric flagpole, stainless steel tapered flagpole, indoor flagpole, banner flagpole, wall mount flagpole, etc. Many people buy flagpoles only as a decorative effect, perhaps not knowing how the flagpoles are made.


So What are the steps when making a flagpole
With the improvement of people's living standards, the flagpole has been upgraded from the past wood and iron to stainless steel and aluminum. At present, the popular flagpoles on the market are divided into two types: stainless steel tapered flagpoles and aluminum alloy flagpoles.

As the name implies, the tapered flagpole is cone like a conical shape from bottom to top. As a manufacturer of flagpoles, I will now briefly introduce the production of stainless steel flagpoles (taper).

First, according to the length of the flagpole, shear the plate. Most of the selected stainless steel materials are 316L and 304, and the thickness is between 2.5mm and 6.0mm. If the position of the flagpole is installed on the coast area or in a relatively humid area, it is recommended to use a 316L or aluminum alloy pole for corrosion resistance and rust resistance.


In the process of cutting, a large shearing machine is needed. When cutting the stainless steel panel, the material can be reserved a little more, but it must not be smaller than the actual specifications of the flagpole. First, the stainless steel sheet can be cut into an isosceles trapezoid. According to the geometric principle, it is rolled up to be tapered.


Second, bend the pole shaft. Next, to bend the isosceles trapezoidal material into a conical shape, this step is very critical and it is very likely that irregular conical shapes will occur. Yaolong's bending workers have more than ten years of work experience and are already very familiar with this step. Place the isosceles trapezoidal board on the bending machine for curling and we must keep the pole shaft with a Taper uniform.


Third, plasma automatic welding. The stainless steel plate is bent into a taper pole shaft, and use a machine to close the gap of the pole shaft.After automatic and sewing, seamless welding is next step, we often use argon arc welding technology to weld the welding line. The welding must be done without gaps and burrs, laying the foundation for the next polishing pad. Yaolong's welding workers have an average welding experience of more than 20 years. We pay great attention to the welding and weld details and make the best quality at the most reasonable price.


Fifth, straighten. The welded flagpole is placed in a straightening machine, and the alignment and bending of the welding are performed using a straightener and a hydraulic mechanism. This step is to ensure that the flagpole is evenly tapered, so this step is also essential.


Sixth, polishing. This process requires polishing with a professional sander. Apply even force and continue to polish until the weld is flattened and not visible. Such a flagpole is basically made.

Seventh, after the completion of the pole of the flagpole, there is a final step of welding a panel with four screw openings at the bottom of the pole shaft,to facilitate the fixing with the flagpole embedded part. The embedded part of the flagpole is equipped with an adjusting bolt, which can freely adjust the verticality of the tapered flagpole.





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