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How to Install the Manual Internal Stainless Steel Flag Pole

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:06/19/2019

Today, Yaolong stainless steel flag pole suppliers want to share with you a practical article-how to install the manual internal stainless steel flag pole. The flagpole’s data and flagpole installation method of this paper are for reference only, which is subject to actual conditions.

Manual internal manual flagpoles are versatile and are commonly used in commercial and residential use, which are easy to install, and are easy to manage and maintain.

manual internal stainless steel flag pole

As shown in the figure above, Yaolong manual internal flagpole is made up of top finial component, hanging pole and flagpole, stainless steel rope, anchor bolts. In winch, the flagpole, flagpole components, flagpole rope are made of high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel flagpole has a long life and can use in the place where need high corrosion.


The flag pole’s stainless steel body is thick, smooth and corrosion resistance, increases
a solemn sense with the top cap globe finial design, let the flag can always flying with
downwind, rendering the banner impel force; reasonable embedded parts design, make the
flagpole withstand more than 12-degree wind, safety and reliability, increase the sense
of mission.


Accessories Materials Check List

1.Top final and related fittings
2.Flag pole with manual internal halyard system fitting
3.Hanging poles with direction beads
4.Manual handle
5.Stainless steel rope
6.Bolts :4,Nut :4,stainless steel bolt M5*10 :4
7.One copy of instruction manual, certification and warranty card


Self-prepared tool /equipment list

1.crane (the flagpole with light weight can be installed manual )
3.Several hemp ropes


Flow step for installation

1.install the fittings for the top finial
2.Set up the flagpole
3.Install the hanging poles with beads
4.Install the manual internal halyard system


Installation guide

A.install the top final and related fittings

1. In the end of stainless steel rope with burs, cut them with cutler, make the end of stainless steel rope neat
2. Then put the stainless steel rope into the small hole in the base until the rope comes out from the center, then pull the stainless steel rope out.

manual internal stainless steel flagpole


3. Tie rope end with a heavy object(eg: steel nuts) which its diameter is smaller than the flagpole’s diameter, to make sure the stainless steel rope with the heavy object can slide to the bottom.
4. Fix the top finial ball fitting on the top of flag pole and fasten with 4 stainless steel screw(M4*10). Also, make sure the top finial ball can rotate freely.

stainless steel flagpole top finial

B.set up flag pole upright

1.use crane to lift up and install the flag pole on to the base plate, fasten and lock &tighten the 4 nuts, fixed the flag pole(the flagpole with lighter weight and shorter height can be installed manually)
2.use the 4 screws to adjust the flag pole’s vertically and perpendicularly to the ground.

stainless steel flagpole base plate

C. Install the hanging poles with beads

1. Hook the hanging poles and then connect the hanging pole with the flag pole by the stainless steel rope.
2.install the crimp terminal at the end rope of the hanging pole with beads. Then tie the beads and the terminal of hanging poles together, make sure the angle between beads and flag pole is bigger than 45◦.

stainless steel flagpole direction bead

D.install the manual internal halyard system

1. There is a rectangular opening for surface plate which is about 1.2m high at the flag pole. It’s been fixed before packing. Loosen the 3 screws at the surface plate. Locate the stainless steel rope in the opening and then pull it out.

stainless steel flagpole door plate


2.Fix the end of stainless steel rope to the metal crimp and use hammer to the flatten the metal crimp
3. Put the rope through the hole, then fix the rope with crimp termainal on the right position of the internal halyard device and fasten with screw.
4. Put the manual internal halyard device with the surface plate into the opening and fasten with 3 screws.

stainless steel flagpole manual winch



1.The manual handle’s usage
The system uses manual handle to raise or lower the flag, you can use the handle to raise or lower the flag in normal use.
Basic use:” raise and lower” corresponds to the flag’s motion. Pull out the handle will stop the function.
2. Insert the handle into the hole at the device.
If you couldn’t rotate the handle smoothly. Check to ensure the stainless steel rope in the right place or entwine.
3. Rotates the handle by the direction written on the surface plate, the flag can raise or lower normally.

stainless steel flagpole handle


1. Do not scrape the flag pole surface when lifting it.
2. Do not continue to rotate the handle when the flag already reaching the top.
3. Removable the flag and raise the hanging poles to the top when you do not use for a long time.
4. Raise the hanging poles to the top when you don’t hang the flag.



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