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How To Install Flagpole

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:11/01/2019

A flagpole is a wonderful enhancement to any piece of real estate.Installing a flag pole isn't extremely difficult. In fact, it's a lot like planting a tree.

If you are considering buying a flagpole, or if you already have a flagpole but don't have any convenient installation instructions, you might be interested in this article. Therefore, we will take you through all the steps.

This article is intended to install residential flagpoles up to 25 feet in height or less. Commercial flagpoles are installed in much the same way, but commercial flagpoles are usually higher and require bulky equipment for installation.


Step 1 - Selecting A Location For Your Flagpole

The location in which you install your flagpole can, of course, have a large impact on how much enjoyment you get from it.


You should consider placing the flagpole in a place where it is accessible to wind. This means that if your flagpole is too close to the shelf of a tree or even a large building, then it may not get enough wind to make your flag fly. Much of the beauty of flagpole ownership comes from seeing your flag or flags waving majestically in the wind


Therefore, try choosing a mounting location so that wind can reach your flagpole and flag in multiple directions.


Finally, consider lighting. Similarly, placing the flagpole at a distance from other trees or buildings will allow the largest natural light to reach the flag. This will also enhance your flag’s beauty when it is flying..


Step 2 - Dig A Hole For Your Flagpole

 First ,to ensure whether the excavation can be carried out here. You can consult the local agency for confirmation. After confirming, you can start to install the flagpole. The best tool for manually digging such holes is the post-drill. If you really want to finish quickly, you can use an auger. These can be rented at symbolic prices in many stores. Also, if you are installing multiple flagpoles, it is recommended to use an auger.


When you dig your hole, you should make it about 4 to 6 times the butt diameter of your flagpole. If you know your conditions tend toward the very windy side, you may want to go with 6 times the butt diameter. Also, if your ground conditions are sandy, a larger foundation hole is better. In the case of soil full and windy, you can use a slightly smaller foundation - 4 times the diameter of the docking.


As for depth, you should have received a grounding sleeve with a flagpole. This is the plastic or metal tube in which the flagpole will be located. It determines the depth of the hole. The depth of the hole should be such that the grounding bushing is about 2 inches above the ground (slope)  But you may want to dig a hole in the entire depth of the casing. This will allow you to place a small amount of gravel at the bottom of the hole to help drain.


Step 3 - Prepare Your Flag Pole For Standing

There are a few other things you need to do before you set up the flagpole. That is, you will need to fully assemble the pole and connect all the accessories, the truck (the top part of the flagpole, including the pulley) and the sling (rope). You can add safety hooks and cleats later, but as long as you put the poles on the ground and the tools are convenient, you may want to continue installing them.


You can connect the truck (if not already installed) to the top of the pole. Screw on the top of the ball or eagle jewelry. Then, pass the halyard through the pulley. Do not trim your rope at this time. We will set up the pole and determine how much to trim before doing it. Attach the stud to the bottom of the rod. The manufacturer should prepare a pre-drilled hole for you. Loosely tie the ends of the rope to the studs.



Step 4 - Raise Your Flag or Flags

Your flagpole is likely to have a sling of the correct length. But if it is not (and it is too long), you can trim it to the desired length. We recommend the tied halyard hangs below your cleat by about 2 feet. This gives you plenty of room to wrapthe halyard several turns around your cleat. Therefore, if you need to trim, trim it so that the ring hangs about 2 feet below the stud. Be careful not to trim too much! It's easy to cut off some of the ropes, but it's hard to put them back.


Once your halyard is cut to the proper length, you need to tie the two ends together. The double fishermans knot is a good knot for this purpose.


Once the two ends are firmly tied, you can install the snap button. Most snap hooks have a loop for securing it to the rope. The easiest way is to fold a loop in the rope and then pass it through the loop in the end of the snap hook. Next, insert the buckle into the snap end of the snap hook and then tighten. To ensure that everything is normal when raising the flag, we recommend that you place the top hooks at the ends of the knot and connect the ends of the knot together.


Next, attach the top snap hook to the top grommet of the logo. Use the flag as a measuring tool to make another bend in the rope below the position where the bottom flag grommet will be connected. Put this button in the same way as the top button. Attach it to your logo and raise it!



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