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How To Clean The Garden Light Pole?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:09/29/2019

In daily life, many users will ignore the clean of garden lights, but in fact the garden lights also need regular clean. Regular cleaning of the garden lights not only keeps the garden lamps beautiful, but also saves us an expensive repair cost because the dust accumulation will not only affect the brightness and range of the lighting, but also cause the wire inlet to be blocked, resulting in a short circuit in the garden light pole. So today Yaolong light pole manufacturers teaches everyone how to clean garden lights.



Issues to be aware of when installing:


1: The installation of garden light source should adopt low-power high-color and high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamp and LED lamp.


2:The courtyard grounding lamp should be strictly observed. The metal pillars and lamps can be close to the bare conductor and should be connected with the PEN line. The grounding wire should be provided with a trunk line. The trunk line should be arranged along the garden lamp to form a ring network. The grounding trunk should not Less than two places are connected to the grounding device lead-out trunk.


3:After the power-on test run lamp is installed, it can be powered on and tested after passing the insulation test. After power-on, it should be carefully inspected and patrolled to check whether the control of the luminaire is flexible and accurate. Whether the switch and the luminaire control sequence correspond to each other. If problems are found, the power should be cut off immediately to find out the cause and repair.



The maintenance method of the garden light can be divided into two steps:

1: Maintenance of external lighting

Because garden light pole are often exposed to the outdoors, they often experience wind and rain. Therefore, there are more dust on the lamps of outdoor garden light pole. Regularly we can wipe the dust with a clean rag to keep garden lamp poles are as clean as new. When wiping, pay attention to wiping in one direction, and keep the appropriate moderate force. When the fragile parts are cleaned, remember to make the movements softer to avoid damage caused by multiple parts.


2: Maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the luminaire.

In some cases, the bulb needed to be cleaned. At this time, first of all, it must be ensured that the garden light pole was turned off first, and then the light bulb inside the lamp is removed for wiping. This step is safer. If you want to wipe directly, please be careful not to screw the bulb too far clockwise, otherwise the bulb will peel off due to overtightening.


Garden lamp pole maintenance:

1. Do not hang items on the lamp, such as drying cotton quilts;

2. frequent switching will greatly reduce its service life, so when using the luminaire, try to reduce the switch of the luminaire;

3. When the lamp cover is tilted during use or cleaning, it should be calibrated to maintain the appearance;

5. According to the light source parameters provided by the sign, replace the aging lamp in time.and if you find that the two ends of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or there is black shadow, and the lamp is not bright, the lamp should be replaced in time to prevent the ballast from burning out and other unsafe phenomena .

In fact, cleaning and maintaining the garden lights is very simple in daily life. As long as we master some basic skills. Today is end here. Yaolong light pole manufacturers hope that this article is helpful to everyone!


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