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How to Choose Flagpole?

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:08/19/2019

The national flag is a sign of the country and represents the establishment and development of a country. The flagpole is an important carrier to support the flag waving. For a country, the flagpole supports the flying national flag and symbolizes the strong perseverance of the people of the country. For the enterprise, it contains the entrepreneurial spirit and reflects the dignity and strength of a company; the importance of the flagpole is self-evident. However, the quality of the flagpoles on the market is currently uneven. If you are not careful, you will buy products of poor quality. Today Yaolong Flagpole Company tells you what to consider when buying the flagpole.



There are several factors to consider first

The product material

Stainless steel Tapered flag pole, divided into 316, 304, 201 and other materials, each material has different rust resistance. Under normal circumstances, 304 stainless steel flag pole is the most widely used flagpole material with good rust resistance.

If the customer has high quality requirements, 316 can be used, and the corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are particularly good. For areas with corrosive environment such as coastal areas or acid rain, 316 or aluminum flagpoles may be used. It is not recommended to use 201 or other materials, which is relatively easy to rust. Aluminum flagpoles are a good choice. Because aluminum alloys form a tight oxide film when oxidized, they will not be corroded by air. Therefore, aluminum tapered flag pole can be selected for places with corrosive environment such as coastal areas or acid rain. The pole shaft is made of aluminum alloy tube and heat treated to t6-tempered,which hardness  is equal to that of stainless steel.

The production process

1. Style: The former flagpole is welded by segmented round pipe, and nylon is exposed outside the flagpole, and the joint welding is easy to break. After continuous research and development, Yaolong Flagpole Company can produce tapered flag pole shaft up to 25 meters in one time, with no joints and strong overall strength.

2. Welding: argon arc welding or plasma welding technology, to weld the tapered flag pole shaft thoroughly can improve the overall strength of the pole shaft. The general manufacturer is full manual argon arc welding, and Yaolong flagpole company uses manual welding and then fully automatic plasma welding, the weld seam is straight and stable.

3. Finished:
stainless steel flagpole surface treatment: satin brushed finished, polishing,painted
Normal tapered flag pole is brushed .
Aluminum alloy flagpole surface treatment: anodizing, spraying, painting
aluminum natural color is the color highly recommended by Yaolong Flagpole Company.

Flagpole Accessories

You can't fly a flag without the right outdoor flagpole accessories which is in part why flag pole accessories are an essential part of any flag pole. Not only is it important to have the right flag pole parts, it is just as important for flagpoles to be placed in the correct location for maximum value. Yaolong flagpole manufacturers offers all of the flag pole accessories you need including replacement hardware, indoor flagpole pars, flagpole rope and hardware, flagpole ornaments and more. The following is a comparison of common accessories.


1. Traditional external flag raising device VS internal manual winch
The traditional external flag-raising device: the flagpole rope is attached to the cleat outside of the flagpole , and the flag is raised and lowered by means of a pulley at the top and a rope at the outside. Long-term use can easily lead to the flag rope being corroded by rain.

internal flag-raising device: The flag rope is hidden inside the flagpole. The custom removable hand-crank or electric button controls the up and down movement of the flag, thus extending the service life of the flag rope.


2. Manual flag raising device VS electric flag raising device
Manual flag-raising device: Each flagpole must be operated by a dedicated person. The flag-raising time is not fixed, and the flag-raising speed is difficult to synchronize with the national anthem.
Electric flag-raising device: Built-in electric system, using international advanced microcomputer control technology. Raising the flag and playing the national anthem simultaneously. Multiple flagpoles can be networked to achieve group ascent, group drop, group stop, and the delay is no more than 0.1 second.


3. Fixed ball head VS360 degree downwind ball
Fixed ball head: The decorative ball head at the top of the flagpole is fixed by thread, and the flag flutters in a single direction, which is easy to wrap around the flagpole, affecting the beauty of the flag flying.
360 degree downwind ball: The flag can be turned according to the change of the natural wind direction, so that the flag is fluttering in the wind.


The government and enterprises can choose to use round or flat-top balls. The balls can be coated with titanium. Star-rated hotels can choose gold flat-top balls. They can also be made of gold and silver, and different sizes of balls can be selected according to different heights.

Application occasions and methods of manual, electric, wind motor controlled flagpole.

1. Raise the flag to fit the flagpole below 15 meters;
Manual flag-raising is suitable for the flagpole under 15 meters

2. Internal electric flag pole is suitable for 12 meters to 30 meters, if more than 25 meters, it is best to apply 2 national anthem flags;

3. The wind motor controlled flagpole is usually suitable for indoors where there is no wind blowing, such as the opening or closing ceremony in the gymnasium.


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