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How The Garden Light Pole Decorated Your Courtyard?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:09/29/2019

With its elegant and aesthetics shape design and unique light distribution design, the garden light pole plays an irreplaceable role in modern urban landscape lighting. Urban landscape lighting is an important part of the overall urban lighting and an essential embodiment of the urban landscape's economic development.


The garden lamp posts are the most worthwhile lighting fixtures in landscape lighting that require appreciation and taste. The garden light pole can create a pleasant atmosphere through their own design and lighting. Modern courtyard lighting has several common styles, including LED garden light pole, stainless steel bollard lights, landscape light pole, and more.


When selecting a lighting fixture, the courtyard light should consider its illumination, protection level, power, life and other factors, and select appropriate power parameters according to different scenarios.

decorative garden light pole


1. Type of garden light

Most of the garden light poles are 3.5 meters high. The light source uses 45W spiral tube energy-saving lamps or 20W LED bulbs. The light can reach more than 2300lm, the color temperature is generally 2700K, and the color rendering index can basically reach Ra=80. The distance between the main garden road and the secondary garden road is 18m and 20m respectively. In addition, a layout is arranged at the intersection of each unit entrance and the main fire lane in the residential area for separate lighting control.

 On the residential road, the garden lamp post  is installed at intervals, and the lights are turned off halfway in the middle of the night to save energy. If the height of the light pole is changed, the arrangement spacing will be slightly adjusted. Garden light pole, generally height range from 3 to 6 meters, are normally installed in courtyard entrances or park paths where places needs a broader range of lighting ,to illuminate the entrance to prevent thieves, etc.; ground lawn lamp are generally installed on both sides of the park road or important interval turning point,having the function of lighting pathway. The pavilion will use LED gallery lights, stainless steel bollard light, etc., to create a soft and beautiful environment, allowing people to  enjoy the courtyard atmosphere combining nature and architecture. Choosing the garden light pole design that suits you will not only illuminate the garden-like courtyard, but also ensure the safety of your family during the evening. 



 Garden lighting design is one of the essential ways to adjust the atmosphere and beautify the environment. The types of garden light pole mainly include conventional aluminum garden light pole, lawn lights, stainless steel bollard light, landscape light pole, etc. The choice of lamps should consider decorative, energy saving, environmental protection and safety issues. Adding warmth, romance and mystery to the garden at night.


 Garden lighting design

1. Enrich the content of the courtyard space. Through the contrast between light and dark, highlighting the landscape to be expressed in a background with low ambient brightness, attracting attention.


 2. The art of decorating the courtyard space. The decorative effect of the garden light pole design can embellish or strengthen the space through the styling texture and the arrangement of the luminaires.

3.Incorporating the lighting design of the courtyard, other design elements, such as sculptures, water features, plants, etc. can also be more lively. , according to different partitions, General include garden lighting series, ground lawn light series; wall wall light series. 



About light source selection

 When we choose a garden light source, use a warm light source whenever possible. A light source that is too cold, or a faintly colored light source, is generally not suitable for private courtyards. Too cold, too voluptuous, the courtyard lamps and lanterns that lacks downy and comfortable, choose floodlight commonly.

In short, The style of the garden lighting should match the courtyard style. If it is difficult to choose, you can choose a square with a simple line, a rectangle, and a wild. The options of color can choose black, dark gray, mostly bronze. In general, use less white.

 The garden lights are generally located in the entrances and exits of the courtyard green space, corridors, steps, buildings, water fountains, sculptures, lawn edges and so on. Depending on the level of the garden environment, the choice of lamp illuminance should be appropriate. For entrances and exits, corridors, sufficient lighting intensity is required; in quiet roads, general lighting is required.






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