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How does the wind wrap the flag around the flagpole

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:10/30/2018

How does the wind wrap the flag around the tall flag pole? Maybe you can answer this question from different angels in your own way. In order to answer this question much more specifically and clearly, let’s firstly get to know the difference between the pneumatic tall flag pole and the traditional tall flag pole.


Pneumatic tall flag pole has a strong wind pump and blowing device, so that the flag in the weak wind situation or no wind situation still can spread fluttering even with more vitality. Pneumatic tall flag poles are generally suitable for indoor or safe-off areas or where special requirements are necessary. Generally speaking, the pneumatic tall flag pole refers to the large flag pole that can rotate with the wind, and the big flag pole whose global on the top can rotate 360 degrees with the wind, which is the standard configuration of the stainless steel conical poles or the aluminium conical poles.

large flag pole

For some aluminium Flagpole factory or stainless Steel Flagpole factory, in order to save costs, they often use ordinary stainless steel or aluminum global as the top ball of the tall flag pole. In this way, the tall flag pole cannot be rotated, and the flag cannot rotate with the wind. When the tall flag pole is equipped with 360 degree downwind rotation device, it can rotate freely with the wind. And when the national flag flies with the wind, the flag can avoid the trouble of twisting the rope and wrapping the flag. Under the condition that the wind direction changes arbitrarily, the flag and the flag rope will not twine around the tall flag pole, and the red flag will always fly high with the wind. The flag of non-downwind positioning flagpole is easy to twine to the flagpole with the change of wind direction, not only the flag cannot float, but also the flag is difficult to be lowered.


As you may know now, if it is the downwind wind, the wind wraps the flag around the tall flag pole naturally. But it is the headwind wind, if you also want the wind to wrap the flag around the tall flag pole, a special device called 360 degree downwind rotation global is recommended. Or all you need to do is to turn to use a pneumatic tall flag pole.


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