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Aluminum Traffic Signal Pole,Yaolong Light Pole

Aluminum Traffic Signal Pole

  • Model No.: YLAA-012
  • MOQ: 10 pcs
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM/ Customized

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This is a made to order item. We will provide the customized services whether the quantities is above twenty pieces .

Yaolong are a trusted resource for Department of Transportation traffic and signal lighting poles built to the exact specifications of individual states and municipalities. Our traffic signal poles can be supplied with stainless steel or aluminum with polished finished,satin brushed finished, a galvanized finish, paint , or a factory finish paint coat in a decorative urban application.
We also offer a complete line of standard steel traffic poles that combine functionality with clean, simple lines.


This traffic light post produced from aluminum, has a 5 meter signal light arm which can be installed with three signal lights simultaneously. the lamp pole is 7meters high,with a 4mm (0.157inches) wall thickness
This traffic signal pole is available with standard fixed connection or with unique adjustable clamp-on connection.Provided with straight or curved mast arms with and without additional luminaire arms.The traffic signal pole is suitable for supporting traffic lights and essential road signs. Designed to perform in both low- and high-volume settings, traffic poles are a vital part for communicating road signals to drivers and helping to maintain the flow of traffic itself.


The signal light arm and light pole shaft are both made from aluminum 6063 and heat treated to t6 temper .

Signal Light:

The traffic signal is fixed by screws or upon customer’s requirement. Other types of signal lights are available at a surcharge.

Anchor Base:

The base plate is cast from die-cast aluminum ASTM A36 and is circumferentially welded to the shaft.The completed assembly will be heat treat to T6 temper.Base plate is square/round with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per client's requirement.

Anchor bolts:

Fabricated from galvanized steel Q235B ,Bolts are provided with four foundation bolts which have an "L" bend on lower end and two flat washers.The top of bolts have an square locating plate.


The finish for this traffic light post with extension arm is specified as white power coated finished.Additional finished and colors are available upon request.

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