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Aluminum Light Pole Vs Fiberglass Light Pole

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  • Date:11/26/2019

Fiberglass features:
1.Fragile,low wind-resistant
2.Weak corrosion resistance
3.Short life cycle,easy to broke,no recycling value
4.Cheap and low cost 
5.UV damage to the shaft is very serious
6.Easy to be damaged by external devices

Aluminum features:
1.Light weight,easy to install,no crane requirement,convenient to transportation.
2.High strength,after the T6 heat treatment, the hardness is comparable to that of stainless steel.
3.Environmental protection, recycle, high recycling value.
4.No weld, only bend when a collision occurs.
5.No breaks will occur, minimizing damage to the vehicle.
6.Compared to the traditional technology, processing speed is faster, saving labor and fully automated mass production.



Aluminum light poles are corrosion resistant and have the advantage of a service life of at least 50 years. They have a smooth and grooved surface finish. You can choose direct burial bars that do not require anchor bolts, concrete or manual for the foundation, and do not require a pole with a foot base. Another advantage of aluminum poles is the flexibility of the manufacturer in terms of diameter, wall thickness and taper. Aluminum poles are also ideal for flagpole applications.

Fiberglass light pole VS Aluminum light pole:
Nowadays,aluminum material is very popular in many countries.Fiberglass poles and flagpoles have gradually been replaced by aluminum, and the smart customers are now beginning to transform.Why would I say that?Please find the the comparison of this two materials.
Firstly,aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance. After it’s clear anodized finished, the aluminum flagpole is double protected. Even it is used near the seaside where the environment is very salty and humid, the aluminum flagpole will not be corroded for long time.Compared to the fiberglass material,the fiberglass surface is not strong as the aluminum,the UV damage to the fiberglass is very serious.Under ultraviolet light, the material becomes abnormally fragile so that the fiberglass own short life and changeable.



Although fiberglass material is cheaper than aluminum,aluminum is 
value for money,which has long life cycle which you do not need to change the material regularly.Contrast,fiberglass material is very fragile that cannot bear the heavy wind,also,the life cycle is short and requires more money and time to maintain.
Besides,aluminum processing speed is very fast and the aluminum can fully automated mass production,which can meet your huge quantity requirements.
The most important thing is fiberglass not safe,it’s easy destroyed by the wind.After the T6 heat treatment,the aluminum material hardness is comparable to that of stainless steel.



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