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Aluminum Garden Light Pole Create A Warm And Romantic Atmosphere For The Courtyard

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:06/10/2019

  Nowadays ,many families create their own courtyards to make the whole building look more beautiful and tasteful .However,most of us may forget one thing -lighting when building the courtyard.
  In fact, the essence of the courtyard is not the type and location of the plant, not the material and style of the building, but the choice of garden light poles and lights.if there is no light ,the garden will be monotonous and in vain.So how should the courtyard lighting be designed?How to choose the garden light pole ?Today, Yaolong aluminum light pole supplier will some advice for you.

garden light post


The light pole that illuminating the entrance to a building or garden ,not only serve to decorate and welcome guests,but also prevent thieves.Generally,we can install a garden light pole with the height of 3~5 meters.The lamps should try to use energy-saving LED lights to reduce costs.Yaolong's gourd shape light pole has a smooth overall structure and an artistic structure. It can be connected to any traditional or modern style lighting and is ideal for illuminating the courtyard intersection.Other security lights, such as mini floodlights, can be equipped with an infrared motion sensor that automatically lights up as people approach it or walk over. Also, keep nearby plants pruned to prevent them from activating the lights on windy nights, bothering your neighbors.

decorative garden light pole

garden bollard light

Garden trails and steps

  For safety reasons, it is necessary to illuminate the path and steps. Landscape lights or low-profile LED bollard lights can be used to light the edges of decks or roads, or to install recessed paving lights, which can illuminate the yard path and ensure aesthetics.
Bollard light has many styles such as Chinese nationality, Western Europe and Japan. However, it must pay attention to the harmony with the style of surrounding buildings when selecting the model. The shape should conform to the characteristics of the residential area. In addition, we must also notice that control glare, the height of the light source should be selected according to the road width and the height of the surrounding buildings; the small-diameter lamp should reduce the illuminance as much as possible under the premise of satisfying the pedestrian safety, giving a quiet and comfortable feeling. Yaolong stainless steel light pole supplier's two stainless steel bollard light as follow combine modern and traditional design and can be transformed into five different colors for a variety of different styles of courtyard.

garden lighting pole

 The expression of garden lighting design is an important factor in the rendering of the atmosphere of the space. Through the coordination of the luminaire shape and the color of the light, the environment space has a certain atmosphere and artistic conception, showing a certain style. Of course, this article only describes the design method of the courtyard lighting, the final effect is still combined with the performance and installation of the lighting. if want to know more about the garden lamp knowledge or products, you can consult our Yaolong aluminum alloy light pole supplier.

  Yaolong,as a leading light pole supplier,In addition to aluminum garden lights, there is also a wide range  of light poles are also available.For example,aluminium street light pole,aluminum light pole,stainless steel bollard lights.

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