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Aluminium Light Poles is Your Best Option

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:11/15/2018

Main Street Lighting provides a wide assortment of aluminum and fiberglass lamp posts, all which replicate classic ornamental cast iron designs, but without the heavy weight and high maintenance of cast iron poles.


Each of our light pole choices offers distinct advantages. Here are some of the factors we consider while helping you make the choice that best meets your needs. 


Advantages of Fiberglass Light Pole
Available in both fluted and smooth finish options, our fiberglass poles are highly corrosion-resistant. Because they are not affected by saltwater, road salts or fertilizers, fiberglass light poles are ideal for areas exposed to high wind, hurricanes and other severe weather. They are also a great choice for beachfront locations. Fiberglass light poles are impact resistant and nonconductive. They are available with direct burial poles, which require no anchor bolts, concrete or labor for foundation construction, but you can always choose an anchor base option. Fiberglass light poles are competitively priced with an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.


Advantages of Aluminum Light Poles
Aluminum light poles are corrosion-resistant, offering the advantage of a long lifespan of at least 50 years. They are available in both smooth and fluted surface finishes. You have the choice of direct burial poles, which require no anchor bolts, concrete or labor for foundation construction, or poles with an anchor base. Another advantage of aluminum light poles is manufacturer flexibility with regard to diameter, wall thickness, and taper rates. Aluminum light poles are also ideal for flagpole applications.

seamless aluminium light pole

All in all, street light poles are made from premium materials and advanced production machines. It will become stunning street landscapes of in each town within the world. Therefore, aluminum light poles are your best option.