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A Live Report From Yaolong Flagpole Supplier On The Induction Training

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:05/30/2019

Since 2004,Yaolong flagpole supplier has been established for 15 years,from a small-scale enterprise with only a dozen people at the beginning, it has become a leader in the domestic flagpole pole and light pole industry.When the new company was founded,only produce stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel pipes and other products, but until now our main products are stainless steel flagpoles, stainless steel poles, aluminum alloy poles, stainless steel poles, stainless steel process tubes, up to 50 products.And our products are not only hot sale in domestic,but only sell well in as many as 20 countries abroad.What made YAOLONG develop so quickly?Because Yaolong flagpole manufacture commits to constantly innovating and looking for the talent every year. 2019 is the most lively year that Yaolong recruited the largest number people.To this end,Yaolong flagpoles supplier launched a three-day induction training.In the three-day training, not only have the experienced tutors to teach the course,but carry out the team cooperation individual charm competition.The most impressive part is traditional apprenticeship ceremony.
Then,let us take you back to the Yaolong induction training scene!


1.Knowledge training

On February 21, 2019, Yaolong light pole manufacture officially started the annual induction training. Everyone on the scene was full of energy and was looking forward to the next training. First of all, the chairman of Yaolong flagpole supplier explained the development history, corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit of the company to let the newcomers quickly understand the company profile. In the past 14 years, Yaolong has been adhering to the business philosophy “Quality makes brand name,Innovation leads future”,thus Yaolong stainless steel flagpole supplier can develop faster and faster,and will be recognized by more around the world.

make a speech

After learning about the corporate culture, the afternoon training officially began. After explaining the rules, the newcomers will be divided into five groups to carry out the team PK. The atmosphere of the scene will instantly become lively. Every newcomer started to find teammates, created the team name, and shouted the team slogan and so on. In the past two years, the Yaolong aluminium flagpole manufacture has been transformed from a personal concept to a teamwork concept, because only when the team develops can the company develop faster.


 Then, it was the time for the supervisors of various departments to train. The new people just like turned back to the classroom and entered a tense learning atmosphere.

  Yaolong aluminium light pole supplier has always stick to the principle of combining work and rest. In addition to the intense training, it also organizes everyone to play a variety of small games, as well as singing competitions. It seems that the newcomers who joined this year are really excellent, not only have good knowledge reserve ability, but also are adept at singing and dancing.

play games


After the comprehensive three-day team assessment mentioned above, the champion team won a generous prize, and the final group scored a special reward - a plate of bitter gourd. In China, bitter gourd is a kind of vegetable that tastes bitter but will gradually become sweeter after eating. With this punishment, it is to tell the students who have not won, not to be discouraged by the failure. The difficulties encountered now will be the foundation for your future success.


special punishment

    After three days of training, the freshman also went on the last particularly meaningful part - apprenticeship. In China, if you want to learn from the teacher, when apprenticeship ceremony, you should invite your master to drink tea to thank them for your cultivation in the future. Every newcomer at present has found his favorite master. With a mentor, we can move forward on the road of career and make a great contribution to the future of Yaolong . 

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