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Internal Commercial Flagpole Vs External Commercial Flag Pole?

  • source:yaolongpole
  • Date:10/11/2019

One of the most basic differences in commercial flagpoles is the configuration of their flag ropes. All halyard configurations are divided into two types - internal halyard and external flag rope. (For those who are not familiar with the terminology of the flagpole - the halyard is a rope or cable that is used to raise or lower the flag on the flagpole.) The internal halyard flagpole can be further subdivided into those with internal cable halyards and those with internal rope halyards. 


If you've been thinking about buying a flagpole, you might immediately notice that there are a great many of both types  ads on the web. As you may have seen further, the internal halyard flagpoles tend to be more expensive than the external halyard flagpoles. But what is the difference between an external flagpole and a built-in flagpole? Which is more suitable for your project? Let's look a little closer...



The main advantages of the internal cable halyards are safety and service life. with the internal cable halyard flagpole, when the flagpole is fully raised, the entire halyard is enclosed inside the pole. A special winch handle is required to raise or lower the flag. Furthermore, the opening for the winch handle typically has a locking cover. These features all constitute a very secure solution for hanging flags. This design can effectively prevent people who are deliberately ruined (lower down your flag, or destroy the flag), and make your flagpole look more beautiful, because the flag rope is hidden inside the flagpole.


On the other hand, external halyard flagpole is certainly not safe. This is because the rope is on the outside of the pole and is simply wrapped around the a cleat to secure the flag. Any passerby can easily lower the flag on an external halyard flag pole. (Locking cleat cover with a halyard channels may be a solution for existing flagpole installations, but for new installations where safety is important, using an internal halyard flag pole is almost always a better idea.




There is also a service life problem. Cables for internal lanyard flagpoles are typically very strong stainless steel aircraft cables. This means that the cable is extremely unlikely to break, rust or otherwise wear out. Also, since it is contained inside the flagpole when the flag is fully raised, it is not exposed to the element. This means that internal cables should be available for many years. However, the system is not completely risk free. Sometimes it happens that when the flag is lowered, the cable may foul in the winch. This usually happens because the winch is cranked too fast while the flag is lowered and the number of cables being paid out by the winch exceeds the amount that the flag have been lowered. If the flag stops for any reason, when the winch handle continues to rotate to lower the flag, a "bird's nest" will form in the winch chamber, which may be difficult to unravel. However, just carefully lower the flag and make sure that the flag continues to fall along the pole after the cable is discharged-this should rarely happen.



On the other hand, the external rope lanyard is always exposed to all elements. In addition, nylon ropes are not as durable as stainless steel ropes. Therefore, as time passes, it will wears due to friction between the rod and from the damaging effects of direct sun . The external rope should be inspected regularly to prevent wear. When this wear does become visible, fortunately, there is a very simple way to replace the rope, which we will cover in another article.


So which halyard configuration is right for you? It probably comes down to a question of budget. For reasons of durability and security, the internal halyard flagpole is generally the recommended choice. However, if your budget doesn't allow the extra cost and you are willing to check your rope halyard on a regular basis (whenever your change your flag, or every few months) then you will still get a great deal of satisfaction from Yaolong external halyard flagpoles.



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