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Yaolong Flagpole Manufacturers Cooperation Project With Abu Dhabi International Airport

  • source:Yaolong
  • Date:10/12/2019

yaolong flagpole manufacturers cooperation project with abu dhabi international airportAbu Dhabi International Airport is an international airport located 32 kilometers east of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest airport in the UAE (after Dubai International Airport). Covering an area of approximately 3,400 hectares (8,500 acres), the airport has two parallel runways, three terminals and a terminal under construction. Etihad Airways, the second largest airline in the UAE, has set up a hub at the airport. The airport has more than 30 airlines providing flights to and from more than 60 countries and 120 destinations, and connecting to non-stop flights on six continents. It is an important transit hub for Asia and Australia to and from Europe and Africa . In 2016, the airport served more than 25 million passengers entering and leaving the port as well as transit passengers.

Abu Dhabi International Airport currently has two parallel asphalt runways of 4,100 m × 60 m (13,450 ft × 200 ft), numbered 13R/31L and 13L/31R respectively. The airport expansion plan also includes a third parallel runway of 4,100 meters, a new air traffic control tower and cargo facilities. In order to meet the larger passenger demand, the airport is building a new large terminal between the two existing runways. The new terminal was originally expected to be available in December 2017, but the plan is currently delayed by two years.


In 2018, Yaolong flagpole supplier is honored to be one of the infrastructure construction suppliers of Abu Dhabi International Airport. We mainly provide stainless steel tapered light poles, stainless steel support rods, stainless steel bollard and stainless steel flagpole for Abu Dhabi International Airport. In addition to this project, we have cooperated with the Abu Dhabi countries many times. Yaolong flagpole manufacturers adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality makes brand name, innovation wins the future”, and we always  committed to providing the most cost-effective products and the best service to customers. Therefore, Yaolong has become the leader of the flagpole and light pole industry in China and has gradually established the image of an international brand.

Yaolong’s cooperation with Abu Dhabi International Airport has been a great success in 2018 years . They praised that “the quality can be done so well in such a short period of time. Your team has paid a lot, I believe you, Look forward to the opportunity to cooperate again”. Such an evaluation is undoubtedly an incentive for the Yaolong team.

Next ,Let me show you our installation site and introduce our products by the way.

Stainless steel flag pole

This stainless steel flagpole combines French design with a French style, so it looks elegant and aesthetics overall. Different from ordinary vertical tapered flag pole. This flagpole is angled at an angle to the ground. This kind of design can not only make the flag float in the absence of the wind, but also be more easily noticed by pedestrians, thus achieving the propaganda effect. The normal 15m stainless steel flagpole only have 4mm thick, but the flagpole used in the airport is 12mm thick. For the craft, the craftsmanship of this flagpole is more complicated than the ordinary flagpole, because the thickness of the flagpole is thick,  it is very difficult to bending it. Fortunately, Yaolong has 20 years of experience in flagpole manufacturing, and only solved the problem by adjusting the production mold. The final result of the finished flagpole is very perfect. In order to enhance the stability and corrosion resistance of the flagpole, this flag pole is made of high quality marine grade stainless steel 316L and weighs over 1000KGS. In addition, this flagpole is uniquely designed so that the pole shaft is not worn to the bottom of the flange and the reinforced fins were quite small. This design is a major breakthrough in the research of Yaolong flagpole technology and a challenge to our welding technology. However, Yaolong has hired a number of welders with more than 20 years of experience. With everyone's efforts, the welding technology of the flagpole can be completely detected by ultrasonic waves.

15 meter satinless steel flagpole

Stainless steel light pole

The tapered stainless steel light pole has always been the main selling product of Yaolong light pole manufacturer. This 11 meter light pole is also made of marine grade stainless steel 316L with 5 mm wall thick. The top can be fitted with traditional or modern lighting. The surface is brushed and looks neat and generous. This time,Yaolong provided dozens of stainless steel tapered light pole for Abu Dhabi Airport as outdoor lighting for the airport. As a professional stainless steel pole manufacturer, our stainless steel poles have several features:
1.Material guarantee
2.Low maintenance
3.100% recyclable
4.Excellent passive safety qualities
5.Good aesthetic appeal
6.Vandal resistant
7.Heavyduty and durable
8.Lower maintain

11 meter stainless steel 316L light pole

Stainless steel bollard

Yaolong is also one of the professional suppliers of bollards. We have a team dedicated to research and development, production and sales of stainless steel bollard. The production technology of bollard is very mature. In this cooperation, Yaolong provided 2000pcs stainless steel fixed road piles for both sides of the road to protect pedestrians and separate areas.
Fixed bollards are ideal for directing traffic and deterring vehicle collisions, providing both a visual guide for drivers and a physical barrier to discourage impact crashes from pedestrians and structures. If used to define pedestrian walkways, the space between the bollards allows pedestrian traffic to still flow freely while preventing vehicles from intruding.

stainless steel bollard

Stainless steel canopy columns:

In addition, the Abu Dhabi International Airport project team also ordered a large number of support rods from Yaolong, with a height of 11 meters and a thickness of 5mm to 12mm,this stainless steel support rods mainly used to install camera equipment and WiFi, the current support rods has been gradually upgraded to a smart light pole. Smart light poles are also one of the products we are currently researching.

Abu Dhabi New International Airport stainless steel canopy columns


100 ft large flag pole

200 ft Large Flag Pole

China lockable bollard wholesale

China Lockable Bollard Wholesale

internal automatic raise flagpole

Internal Automatic Raise Flagpole

stainless snap

Stainless Steel Swivel Snap

residential external halyard flagpole

20ft Round Tapered Aluminum Spun Manual External HalyardFlagpole

gaint flagpole

100 ft Giant Flag Pole

20 foot external halyard flag pole for house

20 Feet External Halyard Flag Pole For House

stainless steel traffic signal light pole

Stainless Steel Traffic Signal Light Pole